Different Impressions

All of you probably know The Photodiarist. I visit her blog practically everyday and learn a lot about photography from her through her pictures. She takes most of her pictures in Black and White. Her pictures are stunningly beautiful.

Today she posted a series of beach pictures and we got into a discussion over them (read it all at her blogpost). My first impression was that beach pictures with lots of people should be in color, otherwise there seems to be something missing to me. Biana from A little something something brought up the idea of giving them a vintage color theme, which made me think, that if you turn the "pure" black and white into sepia this impression of something missing would be gone. On third thought, to me it seems that this impression of something missing was brought forth by the "plain" sky, there is no structure or depth to it. Well there was obviously cloudless sky, so what should provide this structure?

In any case this inspired me to play around with a picture and iPhoto (I've got Gimp but I simply haven't found the time to learn how to use it. *blush*). Here are five versions of the same digital picture I took one evening a few weeks ago. I would love to discuss them with you, so don't hold back your thoughts.

The original, no alteration.

Turned black & white.

Turned sepia.

Faded colors.

Saturated colors.

So what do you think works and what not? What impression do you have, when you look at the sepia or the faded or ... picture? How would you do it?

PS: You find my opinion in the comments. Please read those only after you made up your mind on the pictures impressions, as to not cloud your first impression with the other readers thoughts. Thanks.


Pesto and Pasta

At the moment I barely take analogue pictures since I'm in full jobsearch mode and simply don't have the time (I wrote 3 applications today!) and the nerve, so for the time being you get more digital pictures from me.

I saturated the colors in the first pic and got a bit of fading in in the second pic. I took those pics at this months beginning while creating new recipes for me. You wouldn't believe how easy a really tasty and healthy pesto is...



Too cute!

Digital IXUS 75


Elliott sees RED!!

My Dragon Elliott. He's a little scared of sliding, so he sees red!

LoL, this happend when I shot a Macro and forgot to turn off the flash, it was a fluke. So funny. Canon Digital Ixus 75.


Testing the Timer - beware totally off-topic

Okay, I've made some fashion pics of me for my fashion blog, I used the timer at my Digital Ixus. Those are the three shots I like most. I didn't photoshop those pictures.


Cherub - Leipzig

Again a cross developed picture, 400 ASA.


"Left my soul there, down by the sea"

I've been to the Darss yesterday and I took some pictures with my Nikon F90, no lomography though. Anyway, until I have my films developed you get some digital pictures. Canon Digital IXUS 75 as usual.


Food Pictures - Korean Dishes

Lettuce Wraps

Rolled Eggs - Gye ran mal yee

Time for some diversion. Some digital pics of yesterdays dinner. Canon Digital IXUS 75, makro mode, no flash. Exept for size reduction for publishment no alternation.

Store Window - Leipzig

400 ASA, X-developed