Looks hot, but felt cool - End of March on the Darss

I took this picture at the Darsser Ort, which is a biological reserve. There you have a lovely little round tour, where you aren't allowed to leave the way so that you don't disturb the animals or do harm to the plants. I really, really enjoyed the walk and took tons of pictures, which I will publish here eventually. 

Again, all photographies you can buy via my DaWanda-Shop. Just tell me in my newest post here, which one you want and I'll put it up on DaWanda


Need a bit of cooling down? There you go...

I took this picture last December. During the winter I mostly used my Digital Ixus, since there wasn't enough light for my Lomo most of the time. On this film I found pictures from last October too. 

The house on the left is what is called a "Platte", it's a house build of concrete panels. I live in a "Platte" and I was lucky, because I have a fantastic view over Leipzig and woodland and it is quite quiet, which surprised me. 

Have a wonderful new week.


Architecture + Sun = very interesting combination

Truth be told, I don't have a clue where I took this picture. Oh well, hope all of you had a wonderful Sunday.


Starting over: New Blogname and new shop

Hello my lovely readers.

I know this blog has lacked some inspiration during the last few months and for that I apologize. Lately I was concerned with other more pressing matters (jobsearch and surviving in general).

As this posts title states I have renamed this blog and have opened a shop, a shop at www.dawanda.com (which you could call the german version of etsy.com). In my shop, which is called "San's Visual Art" I'll sell my drawings (so far there are 3 postcards and one drawing on offer) and selected photos (haven't posted any yet). The prices vary, but are moderate.

So if you ever wanted a certain picture of mine, just comment under the newest post and tell me which one in what size and I'll be happy to offer it in my shop: http://sans-visual-art.dawanda.com. I'm happy about normal comments too and I read them all. Always have, always will.

Alright, enough of the sales talk.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Enjoy it with somebody you love or if you can't, still make the best of it. Life is a miracle and we are here to enjoy it.

Can you see the sea?


Beside the sidewalk

Since I'm preparing my own company I've started to take a different kind of pictures. It is interesting how my photography changes with my moods and goals. In any case I am currently totally into macro photography.

And after those boring pics of yesterday I wanted to give you a glimpse of colour.


Bonjour Tristesse - Why I dislike deciduous forests

All of those pictures I have taken in March 2011.


The beauty of a window

Leipzigs Botanical Garden - a perfect photographic playground


On the tree

Yes those bumps are the tree.


Small Window - Huge Bricks

At St. Thomas Church in Leipzig


Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week ?

Ah yes, I know. Well, I simply have other things to worry about currently.

Bank Lines


The Lone Ride

Took this at my last trip to the Darss, at the end of March. Can't believe it's already been a month.


Salty Architecture

I've been in Bad Dürrenberg on Easter Monday, but this is from last years trip with Chris.