Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 8

Okay, I took this picture right out of bed at 8:28 AM getting ready for my swim training. Initially I already wanted to be in the water at that time, but I overslept. ;)
I got up at 8:17 put the electric kettle on, brushed my teeth and took this picture for you, still in my night shirt.

I swam for 45 minutes today and am really proud on myself to walk to the pool, swim and then eat my breakfast while walking back home. By the way the walk to the pool took 30 minutes, the walk back took 45 minutes, same route. Yep, the swim definitely took it's toll. So I'll go swimmning on Wednesday again.



Leipzigs Old Townhall - Arcades

This is the shop with the silverware, lot's of beautiful things, which make a girl dream (or gay men with the good and expensive taste).

By the way, I'll get a new "camera" today. My old cell phone (Motorola MOTO u9 and I LOVED it, old Trekkie that I am ;) broke a few weeks back and yesterday I succumbed and ordered a new one via Amazon. My new Samsung was shipped yesterday by Amazon Leipzig (funny, eh?) and should arrive today. Now all I need to do is buy a Micro SD Card (planned for next week) and I can provide all of us with new and some kind of lomographic pictures.


Something I don't eat anymore

The best chocolate cookies in the world, enjoyed most with milk. (Not everything was bad in the GDR, especially the sweets were good.) But since I don't eat grains anymore they are off my foodlist. Still, I enjoy this photograph immensely. It's from my sunlight session last year.




At the Münster of Basel (Switzerland).

Happy Sunday everyone!


The "New" me

After a year with the same cut a new hairstyle was desperately needed. And I finally succeeded in finding pics of hairstyles that I liked to explain my wishes. Last year I didn't find them, so I bought Manga comics to explain (yes, I'm crazy like that) and I failed misserably. ;D

So essentially you could say it's an emo haircut with a hidden bob (for the job interviews and opera evenings) and short neck hair (I really hate it when the hair on my neck stands off due to the high collars I wear).

And here is how my new haircut looks:

Taken with Photo Booth.

I like my new haircut, now I just have to learn to do a proper eye make up. Luckily there are youtube tutorials on this. :D


Still wrapped, but the new light already shines through

I'm changing more and more. And that feels sooooo good. I suddenly prefer Dance and Rock music instead of singer/songwriter (the slow stuff like Colby Caillat, Josh Rouse and so on). Since yesterday evening I'm totally into Dance music and dance around my flat. I really had to pressure myself to put my iPod down, stop dancing and dress this morning!!! It took three serious commands to myself to make me do that. ;D

And what's more, I'll finally change my hairstyle, after one year of having roughly the same cut (unusually long time for me). It is time to move on and put something up to balance my dressy clothes.

So, this is how I look now/before (Monday morning to be exact):

And the new me? You'll see tomorrow.


Freedom of choice

Suddenly I feel free. Last week I was feeling horrible, this week the world is full of possibilities.



Big Island - *happy sigh*

On our way to Mauna Kea we stopped here. Isn't island truly amazing?! I really would like to go back there! Have a fantastic new week everyone.




Ahh, the beauty of this picture and it means a lot to me. I'm back on my way after a paradigm shift in those last three days. Happy Friday everyone!


Last years wave gothic festival

It was such lovely weather and today we have nice weather too.


A bit of spring

Leipzigs botanical Garden, spring 2010.

Monday morning and not so good news. Oh well, I've decided to see life as a beautiful adventure and I will solve this little problem too. As a matter of fact I've taken the first steps already and I got a positive reaction so I'm in the game and moving towards my goals.

It's the action that gets the positive energies flowing, so take action and make your goals and dreams happen.


Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 5 - Success

You don't really see it in my face, but this morning brought some very nice surprises.
I don't need to buy new trousers this week!!
I thought I had to, because one jeans and slacks aren't enough, when you go to work.
However, this morning I thought: "Well, your current jeans are sitting relatively loose and you know you are down to around 60kg, so let's try some of my old trousers."(I haven't weighed myself in a week!)
And lo' and behold they fit, all of them!!

The one in the following picture is a jeans I bought before I gained so much weight due to taking the pill in 2003! When I bought this jeans I was literally 5 kg lighter and now it fits!!! That's the reason for my expression.

So, I might not have lost so many pounds, but obviously my body changes for the better. And let's not forget: muscles weigh more than fat. So I'm quite excited and am more than happy to stick with the Paleo lifestyle. When I move in to weeks it will be a bit tricky to keep it up for two weeks, since I'm not sure where I will stay for the first two weeks and I have to find the right kind of grocery stores, but I'll prepare and stick with Paleo, because the effort obviously pays off. Wohoo.

Happy Sunday everyone!!


A Lovely Evening

I had yesterday. The reason? I got contacted via Facebook from friends from a vocational school I was attending in the late 1990s. We chatted for 3 hours and planned a meeting for next week and the funny thing is we four have time to meet. This is so crazy beautiful, I'm grinning since yesterday evening.

So this weekend starts in a very good way for me. Now I just have to buy some apples and then it's off to Starbucks studying like crazy or maybe I do it the other way around. We got even more literature assigned yesterday including the warning of our first test, which is in exactly 3 weeks!! I ate a whole package of chocolate after reading that class invitation. Now I'm fine.

Happy weekend everyone and hopefully Mubarak sees the light and resigns!


A bicycle made for two

One of my figurines, I just love them and bought them on my language trips to Great Britain back in the late 1990s. Back then I loved to read fantasy books. Now I've been on search for new stories for 1 1/2 years. I have outgrown fantasy and chicklit, even the combination of them is boring now. HELP! Now seriously, I'm craving really good stories, but I somehow seem to be unabled to find them. This is sooooooo frustrating.



Feel the heat?

Well you shouldn't, otherwise those pipes would prove a total problem for the heating provider of Leipzig, because the water would come cold to the radiators and that's not what we pay for.