Okay, so in the last two days I got back two "NO"s for job applications in the photographic sector. I'm surprisingly not mad/sad about it, since they were long shots anyway. I simply don't have a product photography portfolio for the kind of product photography they need. As you can see above I prefer the artistic approach in product photography.

However, there is good news too. I let you take a guess until this stuff is finalized and "in dry sheets" as we say in Germany.

DaWanda Special today - 11% off

Today all categories are on offer and therefore my artwork too. 11% off from the normal price all day. The shops that take part in this are signed with a little football. 
Have fun shopping.


Brand new drawings in my shop

I have drawn those three this morning!

"Black Diamond"

Black diamond, Original black ink drawing, (22 € + shipping): http://de.dawanda.com/product/20562361-Originalzeichnung---Quadratisch---Black-Diamond

Postcard #52

Postcard #52, Original black ink drawing, (9 € + shipping): http://de.dawanda.com/product/20563089-Originalzeichnung---Postkarte-52---Minikunstwerk

"The Green Why"

The Green Why, Original green fineliner drawing, (22 € + shipping): http://de.dawanda.com/product/20562753-Originalzeichnung-Quadratisch--Green-Why

DaWanda is also celebrating the current women's soccer world cup and therefore in the next few days some categories (two per day) give 11% off the original price. The categories are changed daily and no, I don't have a clue when which category will be chosen.
I take part in this special offering, so check out DaWanda in the next few days, to see when art (or whatever you like) is 11% off and to buy what you like a tad cheaper.

A poppy field near Leipzig


Combining drawing and photography

This combination happened by accident more or less. I needed something to put the lense on, so that I got a focused picture while doing a long exposure. Well, a fisheye lense can be quite tricky. ;-)

I still like this picture a lot!


Looking up the Münster of Basel

Good morning everyone.
I hope all of you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I certainly did. With a grande Starbucks Java Chip Chocolate Cream Frappuccino, two hours of browsing in a bookstore to finally find an interesting read ("Lunch in Paris" by Elizabeth Bard. I love browsing in bookstores, Amazon is nice, but it can't replace the feel of real books or a bookstore.), making plans for the near and far future (getting new shelfspace from IKEA this week, buying a few good polo shirts on sale and buying a new and very good vacuum cleaner later this year {The one I own now is absolute crap, it really does more harm then good. It creates nothing but hot, dusty air and puts any jet engine to shame with its decibel-levels. ugh}) and a Sunday afternoon filled with creating artwork.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


Wolkenburgs graveyard trees

Ha, I really like this first picture, it is so artsy!

Aren't they totally fascinating? I'm currently photographically obsessed with tree bark and its patterns.

Today I'm going to buy a new pair of earphones, since I put one earpiece into my tea yesterday.... Yep, not that smart. Well, they were already on the brink of falling apart, so this made the buy only more urgent.

Enjoy your weekend.


The beauty of groynes at the western beach

Groyne at the west beach Darss, March 2011, Digital Ixus 75

West beach Darss, June 2010, Nikon F90

Groyne at the west beach Darss, March 2011, Digital Ixus 75


New in my DaWanda Shop - Square Art

So it's Thursday and I finally put up some new artwork of mine in my DaWanda-Shop. This time all of them are square-shaped pictures. The prices vary from 22 to 33 Euros for those originals plus shipping (and yes, I ship internationally). I dare say, all of them are bargains and I really love my "De ma Fenetre".

Tattoo im Quadrat - De Ma Fenetre

Or maybe I should keep this lovely pic to myself?! But if you want it desperately, you can buy it here: http://de.dawanda.com/product/20401885-Originalzeichnung---Quadratisch---De-ma-Fenetre

"Tattoo im Quadrat- Schwarzer Liner"

Fünf Farben im Quadrat

Tattoo im Quadrat - Türkis, Grün und Lila

Why I love the macro - function of my Ixus

Yes, I took all of them with my Digital Ixus 75. This little camera is surely fantastic when it comes to macro photography.


The path for Alice in Wonderland - or was it San in Wonderland?

Another SANSSOUCI photo. I still wonder how I managed to get pictures without people in this Park, which was full of tourists. (Me being one of them. ;) Guess I got lucky. In any case I LOVE this park.


Taking the train is even greener now

Took this pic at the trainstation of Wolkenburg. As you can see nature is taking back this space. From what it looks like, the last train has left the station a decade ago. Don't know when exactly though. Well, at least it's good for taking pictures now. XD

Today, I get my hair cut, after four months since the last cut, it is high time.


At night all the lights are green

Or at least it seems like this on my Leipzig at Night photos. This is the staircase of the new university building. When I found this pic in the envelope (film is often better) I was quite surprised, because I didn't remember any green lighting. Well, the effect is cool though.

And a warm welcome to my new worldwide friends.

Have a great start into the new week. Mine was quite good.  ;)



Ahh, I can see the questionmarks on your faces, at least if you aren't from Saxony. Motschekiebchen is a saxonian term for the Marienkäfer whose english name is ladybug. I took this picture on the bank at Chris and my favourite part of our usual cycling round.
This little ladybug was really fast on his legs, I took like 30 pictures (digital!) and from them the Motschekiebchen was only in 2 or 3 in focus. But those pictures look nice nonetheless.

Today I wanted to attend a digital photography class at the adult education center. Not that I really need it, but I figured that I would maybe learn a few new tricks, especially for GIMP. At the moment I still need ages to do anything in this program. (In case you are wondering now: I'm a photographer not an editor! Editing is fine and I'm glad that it is now so much easier than when it had to be done without digital help. However I think sometimes the editors go way over the top.) Unfortunately the class was canceled due to low registration numbers. :( Well, I'll take  a look on the summer courses, maybe there is something interesting. Like drawing cubism (which is also quite taxing) or calligraphy.

I wish you all a wonder- and peaceful weekend.



One of the many old family resting places on Leipzigs graveyards. I really like Leipzigs cemeteries, they are like huge parks.

Even though the best cemetery I have ever seen was in Edinburgh (Scotland), called the Dean Cemetery. It really is like a sculpture park and it took me and my friend quite a while to figure out that all the obelisks and sculptures were actually tombstones. It has it's own website even: http://www.deancemetery.org.uk/.

Enjoy your Friday.


New products in my DaWanda-Shop

This is an A5 drawing of mine, I called it "Farbliche Leichtigkeit" (colourful lightness).
If you want to buy it, you'll find it here:
(15€ + shipping)

The second new product is a set of three A4 drawings. I called the set "3 Farben Grün-Blau-Schwarz" (3 colours green-blue-black).

If you want to buy the set, you'll find it here:
(33€ +shipping)

Yeah, I know I have to work on the titles.

A bit of green since it's summer brown outside

Another Wolkenburg picture. Did I mention that I love green?!

Now, now, you can congratulate me, cause I have finally figured out to have more space for the pictures. Took me only 1 and 1/2 year to figure it out. Yep, I'm Speedy Gonzalez.


Castle gate from a different point of view

This is the gate to the Wolkenburg castle, in case you didn't notice. ;-)

I stayed true to myself yesterday in not photographing people. So if you want to see some of the awesome costumes of the wave-gothig-meeting, you have to look here: http://nachrichten.lvz-online.de/citynews-wgt-picknick/r-detailansicht-galerie-2093-47581.html

However I found out that there is a term for the kind of style I'm going for clothingwise, it's called Steampunk. I love it, I think I finally found my people. ;-)
At least clothingwise, can't say so for the music. XD

A really good Steampunk gallery you'll find here: http://clockworker.tumblr.com/

I even found, that I already have the right earrings, some blouses and shoes for this clothing style. I will overhaul my black bowler hat and then there are the trousers (which I will get in an equestrian shop), the corsets and the rest... Well, what do you think Leipzig has so many gothic shops for and then there are DaWanda and etsy?! I'm really excited about this. Wohoo.

Have a great day and thank you all for your kind comments.


I really shouldn't

talk about what I'm going to do, because then I never seem to do it. I neither drew a big picture yesterday nor did I take photo of any person attending the wave-gothic-meeting so far. "San, you are bad artist, now go and stand in your corner and think about what you haven't done."

The picture shows the New Palais in Sanssouci in the evening light. It was an amazing day.

Have a fantastic Monday.


Under the arcades at night

This day starts out good, I have found that my horoscope is fantastic (I only believe in it when it is fantastic ;) The weather is nice too and I will have a very yummy lunch at my parents. And I have time to draw a big picture today, literally. In any case I've decided to open an etsy.com shop too and I've already registrated (but not the shop).


This is now officially a Leipzig Blog!

This morning San's Visual Art - Photography was added to Leipzig Blogs. Leipzigblogs is a collection of (all) blogs from and for Leipzig. So if you want to read what Leipzig thinks and feels, just go to Leipzig Blogs and start to read.

The Wave-Gothic-Meeting is in full swing and I saw some lovely costumes yesterday in the city. But guess what: I had forgotten my camera at home. Well yesterday wasn't my best day anyway. Crappy job interview (Why do companies wish for creative people and when a creative person applies they hide behind oldfashioned thoughts? I don't get this.) and rotten mood afterwards and I also forgot to buy dental floss.

Anyway, the pic above is from the St. Mauritius church in Wolkenburg.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.


Friday is here, the WEEKEND IS NEAR

Normally I'm not that excited about the weekend, but it so happens that this weekend is Pentecost. And Pentecost in Leipzig means: Wave-Gothic-Meeting. It's the biggest Wave-Gothic-Festival on the earth and I LOVE IT. The positively weird thing is, there is always good weather that weekend. And I love the imaginative clothes and the atmosphere is grand.

Pic above it from the beach of Prerow on the Darss.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Old factory windows - Spinnerei

I took those pictures on May 1st 2011 in Leipzigs Spinnerei.


Wolkenburgs suspension bridge with my mom

Okay, so yesterday was the first time since 1997 that I applied as a photographer. Back then I applied for an apprenticeship, yesterday as a product photographer. Cross your fingers for me to get this job, because it is an interesting company and I really would like to work as a photographer who doesn't have to take pics of people. 90 percent of the job openings for photographers are for portraits and people photography.  Mind you, I don't think bad of people or people photography or people photographers, it's just that I prefer to photograph things and architecture (they mostly don't move or talk back or get mad at you).


A few digital impressions of the SANSSOUCI Park

I went to SANSSOUCI in Potsdam this Saturday, together with my parents. Enjoy the first few digital pics.

Before the gallery building. Surprisingly no people!

Don't ask me, what this is for. It was there and it's no junk.

Amazing lightholders at the side of the New Palais. Each one is different.