Rusts Harbor

Harbors can be very calm and also calming places. Personally I always feel drawn towards water. These boathouses struck me as a bit odd, with their automatic doors.

Anyway, it's Friday and therefore new music is released and I'm sure you'll find something you'll like. I've looked into the new releases and I found James Morrison has released another longplayer. Funny thing is, I used to LOVE his music, I could've listened to it all day. Now, most of his songs are just toooo slow for me, so I won't buy this longplayer and instead just wait till it is available in our local library. Years ago I also had a thing for country music, so the new longplayer of Lady Antebellum would've been a must for me. Now? I don't really care about it. However if you like country music, go check it out.

Music has always been really important to me. During the last 20 years you would have had a hard time to meet me outside without my walkman/iPod. I ALWAYS listened to music. There was even a period when I slept with music on (one calming song on repeat)! As I have changed so much during the last months this part of my life has also changed. Not only do I prefer faster* music during the day now, but I also stop using my iPod all day long. I often don't even take it with me anymore. This change is HUGE for me. Just ask my friends.

The changes are going on and on. Yesterday I felt like I was standing a bit beside me. Why? Because I wanted to do so much, but instead of actually booking my domain, practicing my drawing and filling out forms (taxes ugh), I did get nothing really done. Or at least I feel like I did get nothing done. I cleaned up my place, decided I need a shelf next to my desk for storing my design-stuff** there and not only found an awesome and very creative solution for it, but I also bought the basic piece for it*** and I ate within my very own guidelines (only real food). Nevertheless I felt horrible last night. Seems like I'm becoming more and more the focused and driven person I want to be. Yes, I know, there have to be relaxing days, however yesterday wasn't supposed to be one of those days, those are scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday. My, my, my, when I pull this thing through I might even reach my "CRAZY GOAL" of being such a well-known artist like Andy Warhol or Salvador Dalí.****

Anyhow, I wish all of you a wonderful Friday. Make the best of it, I will.

* more Rock, more Dance, more Pop (I found out that I like songs of Selena Gomez, shocking huh? I especially love "Stop&Erase" at the moment.).
** Books, supplies and the file folder.
*** DIY-post coming up!
**** What?! This is called CRAZY GOAL for a reason. And a bit of craziness is absolutely necessary in this world. ;-)


The perfect Nusskipferl

I found in Rust, Austria. To be exact it was a homemade version of the "Winzer Café Conrad" located at the Rathausplatz in Rust in a really beautiful old house. The coffee and the wine are good too, but the Nusskipferl* is in my opinion the best they offer (beside the fantastic view and location and nice staff).

*pastry filled with nuts. In case you were wondering. Sorry forgot to mention it before.


Back from vacation and sickness

Okay, so my cold isn't totally gone, but my holiday sadly is. Well, I've had a wonderful time* and wonderful weather* during my vacation. I've taken tons of pictures and I'm itching to show them to you, but first I have to get them developed** and scan them or in case of the digital pics I have to go through them and throw out the bad stuff.

I have used my vacation to plan my further steps for San's Visual Art and other parts of my life and I've already started crossing off things of my ToDo-list since I got back. Though much slower than I had planned. Hope all of you are well and healthy. Have a fantastic Wednesday.

* mostly
** Brought them in today, they may be ready on Saturday.



Sanssouci-Weeks: The chic-ness of flowers

I just loved the colors of these and I'm quite happy with the pictures.


Off onto a much needed vacation, therefore 1 1/2 weeks of Sanssouci Park on this blog

Yes, finally a  longer vacation. The last "long" vacation I had was 2 years ago in hiking in Ireland. So don't get mad at me if I don't answer or comment on your blog, my Mac will stay offline for 1 1/2 weeks. But since I'm such a nice person I've prepared posts for you, all of them with pictures of Sanssouci Park in Potsdam. Which is quite fitting, because Sanssouci means Without Worries and that's what these two weeks mean to me. No worries, only good food, time to read, walk, draw and taking pictures. 
See you all again on 25. September.


Happy Birthday and a "Schaffensrausch"

Well, since I don't have a picture of a birthday cake, I thought I'd share this picture of my happy place with you. It's a shame but I haven't been there for while. In any case this last year has been full of change for me. I moved into my first own flat (flatsharing before). I lost a lot of weight and gained quite some confidence in myself. Chris and I started our ChrisSan Photographer project. I registered my own trademark and sooo much more happened. Next year is going to be even awesome, I feel it.  I've decided to be cheeky and apply at the Museum of Modern Art in New York for example. Yes, I've finally decided to switch to the creative field. We'll see where I "end" up. Who knows maybe the MoMA, maybe with Stefan Sagmeister (a very great designer and artist that I admire) or maybe as a Visual Merchandiser or maybe San's Visual Art really takes off (me the next Picasso, *snicker*). Who knows. My Tarot is quite awesome for the next year, as you can see here:

My friend K and I layed it yesterday evening. It was soooo much fun. I really enjoyed sitting in a café in the city over a nice glass of "Federweisser", talking and laying the Tarot.

While I'm talking about developing San's Visual Art, yesterday I fell into a "Schaffensrausch"*, I drew all them yesterday morning:

A thing I learned from it: drawing needs daily practice. My, my, my. Did those two months of not practicing show off on the first few cards. Steadily drawing outside the lines. :( So from now on, I'll draw every single day. And I'll invest quite an amount of time and money on improving my skills. K will give me a gift certificate for a local artists supply. So the paper in the A2 format and a Thor transport roll are the next things I'll get for San's Visual Art, besides a good scanner. I'll also take classes, whenever I'm lucky enough that they are held and not cancelled due to not enough bookings. >:(  This happened for the third time now. 

* I like this word "Schaffensrausch".


Somehow fascinating

I don't know what it is these days, but I find myself extremely drawn to pics like this.  Weird huh? Anyhow, on Thursday or maybe a day later I will go on vacation. I'm really happy about it.


Starting over: A new week with plans to take over the world

Well hello on this wonderfull new Monday. A new week promisses us changes and lot's of fun. Let's make the best of it together.  I'll go on vacation on Wednesday. Wohoo.


Free Spirit, FREEEE Again!

How fast things can change... It always amazes me.


Down the stairs and off to the record store we walk

because my dear friends it is Friday, 9th Septembre 2011, which means that the new longplayer of The Kooks is available today. So I will download it as soon as possible. Otherwise I'd have to wait till the store opens and then redigitalize it to get it on my iPod. Download is simply faster, when you know exactly what you want. For browsing and discovering a record store is simply the better solution. 
Prepare yourself for another awesome weekend. Full of good music, meeting with friends and doing what you like. Awesomeness abound.


A calming walk on the beach

would be nice right now.


Suspension Bridge from a different point of view

I just found out that there is the possibility of becoming a shareholder to a cinema-gallery-bar in Leipzig. I just love the thought of it. I love movies and I want to exhibit my lomography, soooo....

And the risk is relatively low....


The light and the Tree - for a new and fabulous week

Good morning everyone. A new week has begun, let's make the best of it. I certainly will, especially now that the move  of my company is finished. Last week was really taxing, to say the least. Now in our new office it will be much better. (Especially since I can sleep longer now. I only need 20 minutes with my bike to get to the office. (Bliss ;-)


Engineers Photographic Playground - Series 1 - Finally available in my Shop

Great news*: I finally have decided which pictures I will sell on my shop in what way. It's this very series. Because it is unusual and shows off my approach to photography in general and lomography in particular. What do you think? The right choice?

Enjoy your Sunday, I certainly do (sitting in my local Starbucks and sipping Café Latte).

*at least from my point of view. It took me four months to decide upon the pics. Gee, sometimes I just think to much.


Friday + September = Chances for fantastic nightshots abound

Chris taking nightshots with her old film camera. It was one of the nights in August last year when we strolled through Leipzigs city and took pictures of it.


In the mirroring glass

A new month has started, let's make the best of it. I will, especially since it's my birthday month.