Hey there. San's Visual Art is me or a very important part of me.

My goal for the San's Visual Art - Blog is to show you the beauty and magic of this world we live in. I think we all need sometimes a nudge to remember this whenever harsh bits of reality are threatening to eat up all of our optimism and good feelings. So San's Visual Art is here to be one of your happy places, a place where I want to give you a smile, a bit of hope, a positive point of view.

San photographed by Astrid Nerlich

In photography I prefer architectural photography with the fisheye and macro photography. I prefer bright over muted colors, I love strong contrasts and warm light. I dislike the current fixation on cold light in artistic photography intensely.

In drawing I prefer ornamental drawings, I really like Art Nouveau. When I start a drawing I often have no idea how it will look in the end. And no, you don't have to interpret the stuff I create. With my drawings it is pretty simple, either you like them or you don't.

So I've decided to share my visual art via this private(!) blog.