Minimalism sucks

It was a long time coming, but this is my point of view: Minimalism sucks. Architects and Artists alike have made minimalism the gold standard during the last century. If you ask me (and you do since you read this) I'd take rococo over modernity any day. 

Mind you I'm all for editing and I do have better things to do than to scrub and dust all my belongings with an old tooth brush everyday. But when I see those soulless new buildings or interiors I just want to scream of frustration. 

PS: I've written the above what feels like ages ago. But it still feels right to me now. And why does everyone has to have those Eames chairs these days. It's as if every blogpost on interior or every interior magazine article has one in it these days. I'm seriously bored with interior magazines these days.


Just saying hi

It seems as if a lot of my old blogging buddies have moved on from blogging to other adventures. And so did I. Real life took over. 

However during the last months, while I contemplated my life and my life's goals I realized how much I've missed to blog, to share my thoughts and art with the world. So I've decided to come back. 

Copyright-San's-Visual-Art,  Pfalz, Germany Fall 2012

A few weeks back I took a drawing workshop for designers at the Leipzig School of Design, which was amazing. My teacher T. recommended a book on visual principles, which you can only order at the library of a certain design school in Halle/Saale. And the book offers a lot of exercises to get a handle on those principles. I've decided to do those exercises and even to learn to carve in plaster. 
Why? Because I need to create something touchable to balance my work, which is mainly virtual. And damn I want some fancy 60s style sculptures for my apartment without breaking the bank. 

Anyway, getting my plaster workshop together will take a few months, since the tools aren't exactly cheap and I first want to see if I can snag a few from my fathers workshop. Until then it is photography and drawings. Which is more than I did for a long time. Now where did I put my cameras? (Just kidding!)

So, what have you been up to?