Bad Dürrenbergs spa gardens on sunset

WEEEKEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNDDDDDD.  Best time for pampering yourself and having fun with friends. Enjoy these two very awesome days!


Looking for a beautiful time in this beautiful park on the weekend

Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, again. It's Friday and that means rest and fun is only a few more hours away. 


Leipzig at Night series - Lookin' up

A very special view. On the left: The Riquet House on the right Specks Hof.



Another shrub in bloom

Seems to be flower week for me.


Change of perspective

Goodness, I just love this picture.


Leipzig at Night - Column head

Good morning. I wish you all a wonderful new week.

"The world is, what you think it is."* So make it as you wish it to be. I think the world is beautiful, colorful and joyful. And you know what?! The world proves this to me over and over and over again. Day by day. Yesterday it was raining, however at sunset the sun was a red blaze under the clouds it was almost otherworldly. I didn't take a pic, since it was pouring. Still, I'm grateful that I could see this amazing view.

* It's a quote but I'm not sure who said it first.


Change your perspective this weekend

Maybe you'll find beauty such as this.


The light in the forest

Time to recharge and enjoy nature on this wonderful day. Don't even dare to dwell on workrelated stuff. Just enjoy yourself!


Darssian "livingwood"

In case you didn't know, this is how driftwood might've looked before it became driftwood. Now this I call "livingwood". *
Just another lovely Darss-view. *sigh*

*Surprised at this? You really should know by now that I am slightly crazy. ;-)


Darssian driftwood

My new colleague is lucky enough to be on the Darss right now. Lucky girl. Well at least I have my memories and these pictures to prove I have been there in March this year. And I will hopefully go back there this autumn for another long weekend. Good food and windy days. Love this combination.

Work is quite taxing at the moment. (No complaint.) When I get home (around 8 PM) I eat, read an hour or so and then I already retire to bed. Which was almost always before 10PM in the last 1 and 1/2 weeks back at work.* But work pays off, tomorrow I go by train (6:39 AM, ugh) to Hannover and back. I love work trips. I'll bring my camera, because I never have been to Hannover before.

*Before it was more like midnight or 1 AM.


Green heat pipes

Those pipes are near Leipzigs east graveyard. Last Thursday I shot a whole film on Leipzigs north graveyard. Since I already have made pictures on Leipzigs south graveyard there is only the west cemetery left.


Roman Baths under construction

It's Friday friends, only a few more hours and we have time to rest.



The beauty of May

Ah, makes one to rest in a hammock with some nice fruity alcohol-free cocktail and dream of -insert your favourite dreaming topic here-


Lighthouse Darßer Ort

The wonders of the fisheye lense, you never have problems to get the whole building on one picture. This is the lighthouse at the Darßer Ort.

First day at work was interesting and exhausting. When I came home shortly after 7 PM* , I originally had planned to go buy groceries and correct a paper from a chinese friend.** Instead I ate dinner, called a friend for a relatively short talk* and then retired to bed with a Starbucks Rooibus Vanilla tea.

* I started yesterday at 10 AM, today I start at 8:30 AM
** Written in German, I can neither read nor speak chinese ;)
*** toooooooooooo tired


Independence Day in dry sheets

And I'm out of the tunnel. Whoop-di-doo....

This is not only the Independence Day of the USA, but also my very own Independence Day today. It is my first day on my new job*. Yes, the contract is signed and therefore the job is "in dry sheets."

The handrail could be my alter ego, not fitting in from all angles. The columns however, no edges, standing in a group, beige**, can't tell one from the other without seeing it's surroundings.

Have a great new week and month everyone.

* Funny detail: it was application number 99 that became my new job! Hilarious.

** Did I mention that I hate beige and nude colors (camel and so on) in general?! The fact that the shops are full of them now is getting majorly on my nerves. There are wonderfully cut skirts and dresses*** out there, but in beige or grey or camel? Ugh. I seriously don't want to blend in with the background, looking like withered grass or faded black. No thanks.

*** I saw a dream of a dress by Boss yesterday, but in grey for 250€?! No thanks, for that kind of money I want colors, strong colors. Which reminds me of Marco Polo. Remember that I wanted to buy polo-shirts at their shop? Well turns out this years polo-shirts shouldn't be worn out in the sun, because apparently the colour would fade. It said so on the sticker on the garment. Well, I don't know about you, but I always thought polo-shirts are to be worn outside in the sun in summer!?! I wonder where the Marco Polo designers think we are wearing these shirts. In the winter on the north pole? So now I don't have polo-shirts. But since it has only 12°C/53°F in Leipzig at this very moment, I don't care.


Glass bubble

I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Mine will be. Today I spend the day with Chris on a street festival and watching a movie tonight. Tomorrow my parents and I will eat korean food for lunch to celebrate the good news I will reveal to you here on Monday.



Leipzig, Schillerstreet, the cities music school building looking towards the Deutsche Bank building. NO, I didn't put those bottles there, I simply saw the glint. I don't drink this stuff. I prefer Gin Tonic or Cosmopolitans or a good dry white wine.