Looking at the nightsky

The building is the "Uniriese"


Leipzig at Night series - Starting now

Do I really have to tell you, how ridiculously proud I'm on this shot? It seems I have to! Because I screamed of joy when I saw this developed pic. To me it looks like a night shot of a pro. (If you don't think so, keep your mouth shut, I don't want to know.)

I took it with my Nikon F90 and used an 800 ASA film.


Yes, those are 4 different pictures

Did you see the differences?!

Have a wonderful Sunday. I will cut pictures in the train back to Leipzig. "Wohoo"


Slightly green, Green, Chichereengreen

In case you are wondering "chichereengreen" is a term from Saxony, even other Germans don't get it. And I'm not even sure that the green in the last pic is "chichereengreen". Anyway have a great Saturday. I will.


Mountains again

Today I'm leaving for the south west of Germany for the "weekend". I'll meet some friends and do some other stuff. I'm glad to get out and I'll pack my Lomo with 8 fresh films. So I'll get a few pics for you.

Since I have a LOT of train time I'll do some much needed cutting and archiving on the tracks, I already scanned 3 films and there are theoretically 5 more waiting. (Probably won't scan them this week since I simply don't have the time.

Last but not least, I've scheduled some posts for you. So you can enjoy these days too.

Have a great weekend.


Beware "Mean Palm", don't feed or get too close

Yes, in Leipzig palms are held in cages so they don't bite unfortunate visitors. ;-)

Oh, I just love how buildings are bend in fisheye pictures. This is exactly the reason why I love my LOMO fisheye2 so much. I really have to get a fisheye lens for my Nikon F90.


Going back to black ahem I mean brunette

Me now!

Me in a few hours again!
(Picture was taken last summer by a colleague of mine.)

The main reason is that my hair doesn't take the bleaching too well after a year. It breaks and I don't like this.


Mountains in the city

Don't know about you, but those pics make me feel like I hike up a mountain. But it's still Leipzigs Botanical Garden.

Hope all of you had a nice weekend. I took some time off from the net, I switched off my Mac Saturday morning after I put up this weekends posts. Which felt weird since I lived online for the last few months. But I used the time off well, I read in books and magazines, I watched and listened to a thunderstorm, I thought about my goals in life, I pampered myself with some nice cosmetic treatments at home, I enjoyed some windowshopping on Sunday afternoon.

It was so nice, that from now on I will have one OFFLINE DAY a week.

Have a good start in the new week.



Torturing you with the Sunlight Session

You know I thought that I had finally developed all Sunlight Session films, but alas I was wrong. I got back another film with pics of this April session. Wonder how long this will be going on?


Stepping stones

You know, I'm such a chicken, I've got 4 developed films back yesterday. All of them nightshots I took on my Photosafiri with Chris, but I haven't taken one look of them until now, because I'm scared that they all are crap or just black.

Okay San, take a deep breath and then open the first envelope!


Post 150 - Blue sky plus fluffy plants equals calm

Ah no, I don't have a clue what those are called, but I liked them and I'm totally in love with the outcome of the first and second picture. Taken at Leipzigs Botanical Garden.


Still without watermark - Looking into the glashouse

Didn't get around to GIMP because I had so much else to do. Glashouse stands in Leipzigs Botanical Garden, where else?! Have a great new week everyone.


The last pics without watermark

I finally got around to buy a book on how to use GIMP and will read and test it out this weekend, when I'm not preparing for an interview or am out shooting with Chris.

So these are my last pictures without copyright watermarks. Again from the botanical garden.

Oh yes, in my favourite photography shop in Leipzig, Fotohaus Borschel, they are looking for a photographer apprentice. Even though I've already got two occupational degrees (Engineer and Business Assistent) I was slightly tempted to ask if they would consider someone my age. Ahem.
Well I was there for another reason, they sell second hand cameras and lenses. I've got an old exa 1a, but I always had trouble with the focus, somehow my pics were always out of focus, which drove me mad and lead to about 9 nearly photography free years. And yes, right after school I tried to get an apprenticeship with a photographer!!
So, to make the long story short, he might be abled to help me. I will bring in my exa 1a tomorrow and he'll have a look at it. Which is good since I've got all kinds of stuff for this camera and couldn't use it. I've got 2 different view finders (prism and slot), 3 lenses (wide, 50mm and a tele), a trick lense, a flash, a cable remote... (In case you wonder, it was the old camera of my Dad, so it came with some of this stuff!)
As you can see my stuff for the 1a is way better than what I've got for my Nikon F90, for it I only have the one lense, that's it. And the lense isn't exactly good.

Have a nice Friday night and give your camera an outing this weekend, it'll love it.


Bridge "Zen" for the Photodiarist

Okay, so I scanned and cut 2 films, that I had shot and developed back in April, today. Having so many "new" photos to share I couldn't wait till tomorrow.

Since PD needs Zen feeling right now (http://photodiarist.typepad.com/thephotodiarist/2010/08/hudson-river-zen.html) I thought I publish these two. This was in Leipzigs Botanical Garden. I like them both because the colours are so extreme, but no alteration with Gimp or iPhoto!! I just love my Lomo, somehow the colors are always magical. It's pure fun!


BFF and I went on a nightshoot yesterday (above pic is from April). It was my first time to really work with a tripod. Yes, I used a tripod for my Sunlight Session but there I wasn't walking around trying to capture different kinds of pictures every few steps I walked. It was really interesting though.

One thing I learned is, that my Nikon F90 needs a certain amount of light to focus. So for several pictures I had to go on manual focus.

Secondly a remote control would be nice for night shots because of the long exposures.

Thirdly, people aren't afraid of cameras at night. Though one nightguard at the shopping mile enquired what we were doing. Because if we had taken pictures for business we would need a permit. Since it was just for our own fun, it's okay. I must've looked really impressive and like a pro with my big camera and my big camera bag.

Fourth, I want a tripod as a birthday present. I was so envious when I found out that BFF has 2 tripods. I used one of hers over the last months, but I thought it was the only one she got and felt a bit guilty. Whoops.

Fifth, I'll want to do more object (still life) photography. There is this one photography book about it and I've decided to save up for it (50€, ouch). Don't know why those books have to be this expensive.

The two films I shot go into development today, should be interesting to see the results. In any case Chris and I want to go for another photosafiri (our special word for these occasions) in the evening sometime soon. We didn't get far yesterday and she hadn't brought my lomo and I really want to work on my night shots with that camera.


Giraffe shadow

Taken during my sunlight session back in April. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of my camera in the grater.


Breuninger Bubble with Saint Thomas

Just found this while organizing my pics and had to post it, because it's a BUBBLE *excited voice*!
Have a great weekend. I'll visit ikea looking for a new bed.