Think PINK (in Leipzigs Messehof-Passage)

In Leipzigs Messehof-Passage, there is this column with the ring of colour-changing light around it. Which makes it a fantastic object of photographic experiments.


Photography is Art - Leipzigs Kunsthalle

Good Morning, everyone. A new week with endless possibilities has started. Let's make the best of it.


Time for some GOOD music

It's Friday the 26th of August 2011, from today on we can enjoy again really good and new music. So get your favourite chair out to your favourite spot* and listen to the freshly released new Red Hot Chili Peppers longplayer. Ah, the bliss. Have a great weekend everyone.

*Nope, you don't necessarily have to sit in it, you can also dance around it. ;-)


A spiders web in fresh green

Spring is my favourite time of year, because of all the fresh green.


A walk in the park in January in Leipzig

Yes, even January can be nice. Nevertheless I prefer the summer months. In January the days are too short. Tonight I'll be back at my Yoga-class. I'm really excited about it.


Clouds over Leipzig

Good Morning. A new week has started. When you leave your home to go wherever, take a second to look at the sky. It's always changing and even if it is grey, you might find a smidge of beauty in it. Look at the sky and take a deep breath, it will probably relax you. I hope this pic relaxes you too and sets you of to a good start in the new week.



Back on the track

Yesterday I've been to my first Iyengar yoga class and surprisingly I liked it (had plain Hatha yoga a few years back and I disliked it very much). So next Tuesday evening I'm back and train my poor muscles. I will do some of the stuff at home too. Because the stretching feels just too good to not do it.



Post 501 - Wolkenburgs perfect reading place

Believe it or not, but this is my 501st post on this blog. Impressive, no?

I took this picture in the castles park in Wolkenburg. This town is obviously worth a trip, when you love photography.

Have a great new week everyone.


Recreational Time starts now

Get ready for a nice and relaxing weekend. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with fantastic food and some fun and maybe even some spa time (you don't have to go to a spa for that, you can do it in your own bathroom). I will certainly pamper myself and enjoy this weekend.

Have fun!


A week on the Darss

House at the Darßer Ort, right next to the lighthouse. No, sadly I'm not on the Darß this week. However I will see another town in northern Germany, that I never have been to.

Have a great new week everyone.


Perfect light and architecture combined in Lomography

The church in Wolkenburg again. I just love what the fisheye did to the column. 

Enjoy your weekend. You definitely deserved it.


Aaahh, watch it or the lake runs out

Wouldn't that be magical?! However I say, Leipzigs Botanical Garden is magical all the same.


Too much light

nah, don't think so. I like pics like this. ;-) In case you're wondering, it's Potsdam Sanssouci Park.


More light, more magic

I would've thought that there was enough light. Well, back then I wasn't fully used to my lomo. Today I'm much better of guessing if the light is right. But there is always a level of uncertainty and there are always lovely surprises when I get back a developed film. I got back two films on Saturday and the pictures are mostly stunning.


All you need is some light

and even dark places become magical. A new month starts, hopefully with better weather than in July. However I've got ultracool rainboots (snakeskinprint), so I don't let the weather dictate my mood. Besides now that I work again, I've got enough other topics to think about than the weather.

Have a magical and amazing new week. Make the best of it.

PS: Watched "HP 7.2" on Saturday and I think it was slightly on the boring side*. Cutting out the jokes and giving Fred not a minute, what were they thinking?!

*Putting it nicely.