Tille Tubby Land 2.0 at Leipzigs Distillery

Thursdays in the garden of the Distillery: music, creative discussions, playing boardgames and just hanging out together. With fabulous lighting. I totally enjoyed being there this Thursday evening.

Pictures of the Präsentierteller I'll publish soon, just have to decide which. And then write the post. But for now the weather is awesome in LE and there is an open weekend at the Spinnerei and Tapetenwerk, which I don't want to miss.

I hope you all can enjoy a beautiful weekend too.


Kreatives Leipzig - LE FOKUS - Gentrification

On Monday I've attended another event of Kreatives Leipzig, this time at Leipzigs Distillery. The Distillery is a club specializing on House and Techno music and is not only hosting the PRÄSENTIERTELLER event series of Kreatives Leipzig, but is also hosting a poetry slam on the first Friday of every month.

Stage(L tR): David Voss (standing), Prof. Dr. Dieter Rink, Paula Kanefendt

Monday evening however it was the LE FOKUS Series (normally hosted by the LOFFT). The topic was Gentrification and drew quite some audience.

The ultra cool ceiling at the Distillery.

It took me some time to get the right camera setting. But I guess for the first time photographing there the pics are alright. Tomorrow I'll be there earlier to get a better place to photograph.

Discussion group at the stage (LtR): David Voss, Roman Grabolle, Prof. Dr. Dieter Rink, Jens Bengelstorf, Paula Kanefendt

What is brilliant about the Kreatives Leipzig events, is that I'm always in a great mood when I leave them.

Anyway. The next event is the Präsentierteller tomorrow evening (26.04.2012, 7 PM) at the Distillery. With fresh house music, due to the presentation of a local music label. Should be fun. If you live in or near Leipzig why don't you attend?!



Hello, hello, hello. A new week has started that is going to be quite exciting for me. Hopefully it will be for you too.



Oui, c'est moi! I accompanied my good friend A* to the bridal store yesterday. After she had worn her very own wedding dress for the first time (she had ordered it months ago) and we had chosen her shoes (which are fantastic I'd love to have them myself, the shoes not the dress), I couldn't restrain myself and had to try on a crinoline. It suits me and now I really want one for my own.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Gewandgäßchen at night

I am currently pondering the postcard sets that I want to get printed by MOO and I've decided there's going be a Leipzig at Night postcard set. This is one of the pictures I might use, cause I really like it.

Next week I have two event photography gigs and the week after that I'm going on a trip to the Black Forest. Wohoo. After that I have a three day event on which I'm going to photograph for the Kreatives Leipzig club. More on it next week.

On the Spring cleaning of my pantry, I'm making progress. I've finished off one sort of tea and thrown out a lot of the old spices. But I haven't bought anything new so far, which means the spice rack is finally looking orderly again. I love it.

Enjoy your Friday.


Taking the corners with speed

Things are speeding up even more for me, which feels kinda weird and unpleasant sometimes. A hyperactive mind isn't always good.


Sheer Beauty

Ouuuh, I love this picture. And there are even more exciting news ahead, but again I'll wait until ...


Book Discussion at the Kollaborat, 12. April 2012

The Kollaborat*

Last Thursday evening a small group of creative people gathered in a shop in Leipzigs neighboorhood Stötteritz to discuss THE BOOK: “Zustand und Zukunft krea­ti­ver Arbeit in Leip­zig – LE Klub Ana­log”. The shop is the office space of the Kollaborat, which consists of the two Designers Jakob Gleisberg and Hendrik Möller.

Discussing the books development

Hendrik (far left) and Jakob (far right) were the designers of the book (who'd have thought?!) and told us about the process, the certain choices for type faces and papers. (Interestingly enough, the font-types used in the book are font-types created from designers from Leipzig and they are very cool font-types if you ask me. Yeees, I'm biased in this matter.) It was interesting to hear how the project evolved.

I've asked them for their thoughts on individuality for this post and here is what Jakob wrote me:

»Individualität bedeutet einen eigenen Anspruch zu haben. Keine Standard-Lösungen aus einer Schublade zu ziehen. Die Problemstellung gut zu kennen und eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung zu suchen. Es heißt nicht besonders extravagant zu sein und das Besondere zu suchen.«

»Individuality means for me to have an own demanding. Do not accept standard solutions. Do not work with prepared ideas. You should know your problem well, you have to find a made-to-order solution. But it does not mean to do something extraordinary or super special.«

Still discussing ;-)

It was also interesting to talk to so many creative entrepreneurs, to get their point of view on related matters. That is after the champagne and the introductory round loosened us all up a bit. ;-) Anyway, I felt quite at home with this crowd.

Hendrik discussing some pictures with a photographer (Whose name I've forgotten, shame on me, because he's really a nice guy. Note to self, always exchange business cards.)

This last picture is actually my favorite one of the few photos I took.

*As you can see, the really cool crowd was attending. A vintage road bike belonging to one of the attendees is parked in front of the office. Vintage racing bikes are the coolest thing currently in Leipzig. And I'm certainly thinking about getting one myself. I've always wanted a racing bike.


Club "Kreatives Leipzig e.V."

As I had already told you way back in November 2011 I've become a member of the club "Kreatives Leipzig e.V.". Which was founded in 2010 to support and connect the people working in Leipzigs creative industries.

So, my goal was always to be more than just a member who pays her membership fee. And I'm proud to announce, since last Wednesday:

I'm an event photographer for the club.

One of four to be exact. After all I can't cover all the events alone, now can I?! Anyway, I'm really proud on being this.

My first official assignment will be the LE FOKUS next Monday at the Distillery.

However, since there was a book discussion on Thursday concerning the clubs book about “Zustand und Zukunft krea­ti­ver Arbeit in Leip­zig – LE Klub Ana­log” I went there and took the first pictures. The post about the discussion will be published tomorrow morning, 9 AM CET. Great book by the way.

My life is truly gaining traction and I love it. Tonight I will attend my watercolor class, tomorrow I have an exceptionally full calendar first a fair in Dresden and in the evening I'll meet some creative Ladies. And Wednesday...


Street Festival at Leipzigs "Kö" on June 1st

The "Kö" is the Könneritzstreet in Leipzig's west and there will be a street festival at the afternoon of June 1st this year. The big news:

I will take part with a stall and offering my (printed) postcard-sets, ornamental drawings and photographies there!

Exciting, eh? Well at least it is for me. And there'll be a whole lot of work during the next few weeks. I'll have to draw a lot and decide which drawings and photos to print, etc.


Setting Sail to leave the save Harbor

Oohoohohohh. I'm soooooo darned excited about the developments in my life. I will reveal them soon, just need to edit and prepare some stuff for this blog and then ...

This is the reason for todays picture, the harbor of Wustrow on the Darss peninsula. Looking at this picture I want to go there right away, I love the Darss.


Changing the Perspective

Ahh, exciting news ahead. But until I have ... I'll keep it as a secret to me.

In any case I'm proud to say that I have already three grain-free days under my belt and I'm feeling better with each day. Wohoo.


Getting to the next stage

I can already see the next stage of my career path and getting there means boring work. Which meant dilly-dallying yesterday to avoid it. However today I feel quite upbeat and fired to get to this next stage and doing things.

As you can see in the following two postcards I have made it to the next stage of ornamental art: overlapping ornaments. It took me years to get to this stage. I'm quite excited to have finally made it. Though they still need some work, I'm quite happy with my first works.

Tonight I'll meet with some photographers and I'm really excited about it.

Postcard 118/366

Postcard 113/366


Fail Harder


I found it on youtube (where else?): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xffQBxfKJg

Oceaneum Architecture

So, how was your weekend? Did you enjoy it?

I certainly did enjoy mine. I broadened my horizons in more than one area. I also started rearranging my life with rearranging furniture in my apartment. I'm back on track when it comes to eating as my body wishes. There are even more exciting news lining up, but I won't count my chickens before they hatch.

Have a great new week everyone.


Sunny White

Happy Easter to all of you.

(If you celebrate Easter, if not: Have a great weekend.)


Sunny Pink

We've got horrible weather today, which makes oneself ask why bothering to get out of bed at all. It took me superhero powers to get up, but here I am.

My mood is surprisingly good, despite the weather. Anyway, lots to do so I better get going.


Brad Krauskopf Does Epic Shit - Hub Melbourne

Doesn't this look amazing?

There is a small coworking community in Leipzig (no hub, but a community no less), that I'm currently wondering if I should connect too and become a member of. I might do so later this year, for April I have other plans. Which are coming together nicely.

Withered Wood

Good Morning. Life is currently really nice. Lovely Sunshine, the temperatures are rising, the outlooks for my careers (engineering and art) are becoming better by the day. Life is grand. Love it.

I really wish you to feel this positive and amused too.


Sunny Yellow


A new week and month with lots of possibilities. I'm working on achieving some major goals this month. I got some pretty awesome hints from my best friend Chris. So I hope all will go as well for me as it went for her when she used the stuff that she pointed me towards. Going by the first book, I know I'm in for some pretty amazing developments.

Since it's finally Spring (though horribly cold in Leipzig) I thought I should start this month with bright yellow and green. I really like this photograph and I hope you'll enjoy it too.

Do you have any big goals that you work towards? Care to share?

Have a great new week and month everyone.