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of the year!

The new year is still wrapped in the foil of future, just like this sign, but in a few hours the foil will dissolve and we will all see what the new year has in store for us. Hopefully only good things! I wish all of you a fantastic start into the new year.

Happy New Year!!!


More snow

It just keeps on snowing. And as much as I like snow, I would love to pack my stuff and fly to Hawaii right now!!!

In case you are wondering, this is Dresden, where I had an interview two weeks back, which went really well and lead to ... ah, no, sadly no job. However, cool city.


Still Winter

We've got still winter in Leipzig and it has brought down nearly all traffic in this town down. Most streetcars are out of order and you've got sometimes only two options: either you walk or you drive your car. That is: if you have a car and you could get it out of the parking space. Since I don't have to go anywhere today, I'll just walk over to the homeimprovement store in the afternoon and get some boxes. I take my time to organize my kitchen further and get some proper rest since I've been sick this last night. Probably ate something wrong. :(


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

I wish all of you wonderful holidays with your loved ones. Enjoy your time off!


Christmas cleaning? - Done

(The light and the colors were that way, no photoshop used.)

Can't say that for the making of the presents though. It takes quite a bit of time, 1 hour per item. So since I'm an engineer, my presents are worth about 150€ a piece. ;-)


We're having a White Christmas! Can I fly to Hawaii please?

Pretty please? Pretty, pretty PLEASE!!!!

I think it's the Weiße Elster that you see here, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, don't let them stress you out. It's enough, that I'm stressed.


Gewandhaus zu Leipzig - Lamp

Took them last Sunday after the Ravel / Debussy concert, which was awesome. And so it this Lamp that lights the staircase over several floors.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.



Basel (Switzerland) Series - in between

So I've decided about/spent my christmas money: I bought kitchen stuff. A pan, a scale and food storage boxes and a cookbook about meat. This all is necessary because I changed my lifestyle and this stuff helps maintaining it. Not that I weigh every piece of food and then calculate the calories, but it helps to know if I eat enough or not enough like yesterday. My body is thanking me already for these lifestyle changes, it finally rids itself of excess fat.


saline again - with weird colors

I didn't change anything about this pic, but still it looks like a shift from monochrom to color. Love it.


By the sea

This is one of the pics I took in June when I drove 10 hours in one day for 2 hours by the sea. You might think it crazy, but I loved it. It was definitely worth it.

Good morning everyone.

I don't know about you, but I've had a wonderful Friday evening. I enjoyed another symphony concert at Leipzigs Music College. They performed Robert Schumanns op. 81 "Genoveva", which is an opera seldom performed. Can't understand why though, since it's an amazing piece of music and I really loved it. And the best thing? Nobody dies in it! (Not that I listened to the text. ;-)

Normally the hero and heroine die at the end, which takes up to 20 minutes, as in "Aida" by Guiseppe Verdi (Seriously who starts to sing arias in a grave, when you are running out of air?). I can't remember if I liked the music in "Aida", but I remember that I was really annoyed by the dying scene. And the fact that the "young" General was fatter and older than Aidas father!

Another opera that I like for the music is "Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini. I really would love to hear it as a whole and maybe see it on stage provided it is a production with real costumes and not one of those stupid modern minimalist productions. Seriously, if I pay 50€ for a ticket I want abundance for ears and eyes!

What operas do you like?

Enjoy your weekend.


Winter Wonderland Leipzig - Shadows on the ice

Do you see them?

I'm currently pondering the question, what I should do with my christmas money. Buying stuff for my flat or workclothes, which would be the sensible thing to do. Or buy something for my camera? Which would be the fun, but unsensible thing to do. Mmmh.


Greener Pastures

I don't know about you, but after 4 days of bad weather and the annoying comeback of icewalks instead of sidewalks I needed a bit of fresh green.

Besides that I'm having technology issues, again! Meaning I'm mostly offline until I have a new surfstick and (heavy sigh) contract. I tried prepaid and paid a lot only to give the stick back and having "lost" 42€s. Damn it!!!



Sunday afternoon walk with Chris

This Sunday afternoon the weather was perfect for this kind of shots. Chris and I did some really cool combined effort shots and bubbled over with ideas for many more combined effort shots. You'll see those shots on our ChrisSan Photographers Blog sooner or later.

Some of those ideas are pretty simple and easily to do, others need months of planning and preparation (clothes, venues including permission, some peoples like violin players and pianists, requisites like the violin from Grandpa, hats and gloves, etc, etc).

Believe it or not, but I started a notebook just for those photoshooting ideas, which is a novum for me, as I never really planned photoshoots. I just take a camera with me and then take a picture if something picks my eye.


Winter Wonderland Leipzig - The green trees and Chris

I'm off to a lunch with a conductor now. Ouuuhhh, I'm so excited.