The Beauty of Leipzig - Day 5 - Modern Art?

Leipzig has countless old industrial complexes, most of them are harbours for artists, galleries, designers and other entrepreneurs. The biggest complex with galleries, a huge art supply, a fantastic bike store and art studios is the spinnery (Die Spinnerei). These pictures aren't from the spinnery, but a small industrial complex near it, which contains art studios, an outdoor bar and a fashion design studio.

The chair in the first pic just stood there this way and I just thought: "This looks so crazy, put it in a museum and you've got modern art". So I had to take a picture.

Same goes for the tables. I guess they just happened to stand there outside, because the artists and designers sit together on nice evenings and discuss stuff.

The fourth pic was interesting to me, because of the tension between old and new (brickwall vs. shopping cart) and the clash of the colours.

The fifth pic. Well I just thought it funny to put your stuffed dog in a little hole in the old brickwall. So here you've got a pic of it. (This is not my dog! It was there already.)


The Beauty of Leipzig - Day 4

This sunday I switched places with The Digital Photographer, she shot with an old Praktika using 35mm film and trick lenses and I shot with my Digital IXUS. We both agree on the fact that you can never have enough cameras as a photographer. (One of the photography shops in Leipzig has a Mamiya in stock. WANT!!!)

This is the fountain at the Friedrich-Schubert-Place in the Clara-Zetkin-Park. The third pic is a hundred yards down the Anton-Bruckner-Allee, still in the Clara-Zetkin-Park.


The Beauty of Leipzig - Day 3

Lake in the Clara-Zetkin-Park or short Clara-Park

(I couldn't decide between the second and the third picture, so I posted both. Though now I'd say the second is more interesting than the third, simply because of the reflection in the water. The foreground in the third somehow lacks structure, it seems kind of boring to me.)


The Beauty of Leipzig - Day 2

The Auenwald - meadow forest.

Leipzigs green lung - oasis


The Beauty of Leipzig - Day 1

Yesterday, my friend "The digital Photographer" and I made our usual Sunday bike tour, but this time we took another route. Which thankfully reminded me of how stunningly beautiful my hometown Leipzig is. We took a lot of pictures and so I decided to make this week a Beauty Week, The Beauty of Leipzig. All of those pics are taken with my digital Ixus and without any alterations. Enjoy.

Looking from the Beipertbridge of the Schleußiger Weg on the "Pleisse" river.



Bubble with gold

Sorry if I get on your nerves with the "bubble", but it fits these pictures.

(Leipzig, next to St. Thomas)


Architectural Design Bubble

What do you think: has the architect ever anticipated such beauty when s/he designed this building? I guess not. (But I'm an engineer and not an architect.

(Part of Fraunhofer institute in Leipzig. Older posts here and here.)


New Town Hall - Leipzig

I've been on a kind of mini-vacation from my life over the last few days. Though I stayed at home I holed myself in due to the current heatwave. I didn't post on my other blogs either, just needed some time off.

Hope all of you are alright.


Crane - Leipzig

Back to the roots. Back to Lomo fisheye. Just shot half a film on our balcony in the evening light. I think I will use tomorrows blistering heat for some park pictures. Or maybe I'll get up really early on Sunday morning for park pictures. Or maybe....