Perfect Lomo weather = Sunshine and Snow but my Lomo is BROKEN!!

Good thing I still have two other film cameras (Nikon F90 and Exa 1a) and my digital Canon Ixus (7.5 MP).

Thankfully I still have the receipt of my Lomo, so when I go to my friends birthday party in half an hour I'll stop at the store and get them switched. If they want to give me back the money: I'll tell them that I want a new LOMO Fisheye2. Even if I have to wait a week.

Because I was at the other photography store today and the Lomo LC-A was gone... It would have cost only 70€ too, since it was second hand. So there is no use for me getting back the money. Fortunately I have enough pictures for this blog to go for weeks.

Hope your cameras work and that you enjoy your weekend shooting.

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