Post 200 - I can't believe that I'm already here

It's not even a year since I started this blog and I'm already at post 200. This is incredible to me. Because it took me a year to get to post 200 with my Triathlon blog. And my first two blogs never got over post number 5.

For one thing I'm sure it's because I just love to share my photography. It's much more fun to take pictures when you can share them with people who have the same interest. An old friend of mine (we know each other since 8th grade) asked me on my birthday dinner 2 weeks ago, what I take all those pictures for? What do I do with all those pictures? (She even made fun of my organized archive!)
I just had shown two freshly developed films with pretty amazing pictures. Chris (the digital photographer) loved them and was totally excited about the outcome. Chris and my jaw dropped on these questions.
It seems my old friend has no concept of what a hobby means to someone. She and her husband stopped taking pictures because they would only crowd the harddrive or the room (he used to take slides a few years back).
So after I had collected my scattered brain I said that I want to get better at photography, so that I can take part in contests for the fun of it (and the possible won cameras) and that I publish them in my blog. I don't think that she grasped the whole idea of just having fun while taking the pictures, to explore the possibilities and then sharing the excitement with other photographers. (Poor girl.)

So, I'm glad that I've got all of you photographers out there, to share the fun. Thanks for coming here.

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  1. Congrats for the 200th post and here's to another 200 to come!