Winter Wonderland Leipzig - the second

The weather is totally unusual for Leipzig. We've had a beautiful day yesterday too and got new snow from 5 AM this morning and it's still snowing. So since it's so darned beautiful and weird for Leipzig, you'll get a lot of snow pics from me this week.
I've enjoyed my walk through snow today, though I fell once and would prefer to be at work.

Unfortunately I just got another "No". Oh well, I've got three applications scheduled for today. Let's see if I get them all out. Looking at my elleuk horoscope (Your communication zone gets the lovely fringe benefits of Venus, starting today and lasting through the end of the year. All missives should have the Midas touch now, as your charm is totally off the hook. Send out emails and blog your heart out, Virgo – everyone will get the message.), I say I will succeed and get myself a job. Haha.

Have a fantastic Monday.

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