11.03.2011 - For Japan

I'm in constant awe of the japanese people, they handle this disaster so amazingly. And I believe strongly in my fellow engineers in Fukushima. You can and you will get this reactor under control.

You are engineers, we can do everything!!! 

No, my field of expertise isn't nuclear technologies, I'm in technology and knowledge transfer. Nevertheless I'm an engineer and I'm confident that you can solve this problem. You did a great job so far, with most of the reactors shutting down automaticly. Well done. Now get this last one fixed, you will do it. Just keep moving forward!! All the world over, engineers are crossing their fingers for you and are believing in you and your abilities. 

I drew this while waiting for news from Japan, on Friday, while reading bbc news on the net and checking facebook for my japanese friends, luckily they are safe and alive. The drawing provided a much needed anchor for my brain.

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