Starting over: New Blogname and new shop

Hello my lovely readers.

I know this blog has lacked some inspiration during the last few months and for that I apologize. Lately I was concerned with other more pressing matters (jobsearch and surviving in general).

As this posts title states I have renamed this blog and have opened a shop, a shop at www.dawanda.com (which you could call the german version of etsy.com). In my shop, which is called "San's Visual Art" I'll sell my drawings (so far there are 3 postcards and one drawing on offer) and selected photos (haven't posted any yet). The prices vary, but are moderate.

So if you ever wanted a certain picture of mine, just comment under the newest post and tell me which one in what size and I'll be happy to offer it in my shop: http://sans-visual-art.dawanda.com. I'm happy about normal comments too and I read them all. Always have, always will.

Alright, enough of the sales talk.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Enjoy it with somebody you love or if you can't, still make the best of it. Life is a miracle and we are here to enjoy it.

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