Darssian driftwood

My new colleague is lucky enough to be on the Darss right now. Lucky girl. Well at least I have my memories and these pictures to prove I have been there in March this year. And I will hopefully go back there this autumn for another long weekend. Good food and windy days. Love this combination.

Work is quite taxing at the moment. (No complaint.) When I get home (around 8 PM) I eat, read an hour or so and then I already retire to bed. Which was almost always before 10PM in the last 1 and 1/2 weeks back at work.* But work pays off, tomorrow I go by train (6:39 AM, ugh) to Hannover and back. I love work trips. I'll bring my camera, because I never have been to Hannover before.

*Before it was more like midnight or 1 AM.

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