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It seems as if a lot of my old blogging buddies have moved on from blogging to other adventures. And so did I. Real life took over. 

However during the last months, while I contemplated my life and my life's goals I realized how much I've missed to blog, to share my thoughts and art with the world. So I've decided to come back. 

Copyright-San's-Visual-Art,  Pfalz, Germany Fall 2012

A few weeks back I took a drawing workshop for designers at the Leipzig School of Design, which was amazing. My teacher T. recommended a book on visual principles, which you can only order at the library of a certain design school in Halle/Saale. And the book offers a lot of exercises to get a handle on those principles. I've decided to do those exercises and even to learn to carve in plaster. 
Why? Because I need to create something touchable to balance my work, which is mainly virtual. And damn I want some fancy 60s style sculptures for my apartment without breaking the bank. 

Anyway, getting my plaster workshop together will take a few months, since the tools aren't exactly cheap and I first want to see if I can snag a few from my fathers workshop. Until then it is photography and drawings. Which is more than I did for a long time. Now where did I put my cameras? (Just kidding!)

So, what have you been up to?

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