By the sea

This is one of the pics I took in June when I drove 10 hours in one day for 2 hours by the sea. You might think it crazy, but I loved it. It was definitely worth it.

Good morning everyone.

I don't know about you, but I've had a wonderful Friday evening. I enjoyed another symphony concert at Leipzigs Music College. They performed Robert Schumanns op. 81 "Genoveva", which is an opera seldom performed. Can't understand why though, since it's an amazing piece of music and I really loved it. And the best thing? Nobody dies in it! (Not that I listened to the text. ;-)

Normally the hero and heroine die at the end, which takes up to 20 minutes, as in "Aida" by Guiseppe Verdi (Seriously who starts to sing arias in a grave, when you are running out of air?). I can't remember if I liked the music in "Aida", but I remember that I was really annoyed by the dying scene. And the fact that the "young" General was fatter and older than Aidas father!

Another opera that I like for the music is "Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini. I really would love to hear it as a whole and maybe see it on stage provided it is a production with real costumes and not one of those stupid modern minimalist productions. Seriously, if I pay 50€ for a ticket I want abundance for ears and eyes!

What operas do you like?

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. San: This is stunning. One of my faves of your photos. I love the symmetry!

    P.S. Bought a new hat a couple of days ago -- a leopard fedora. Will photograph it and post when it comes in (being made for mi cabeza gigante.)