The sun in my flat

No photoshopping, the light was this way.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. So ein wunderschöner Sonnenuntergang...das Licht ist phantastisch. Da fällt mir auf, in München hatte ich bisher nicht so was schönes...da vermisse ich schon den Ausblick aus der alten Hütte (ähm Wohnung)
    Das unterste Bild gefällt mir am besten, der Schatten fällt perfekt.

    Lg Chris

  2. Hi San, I tried to leave a comment last night and it disappeared - and then I realised I don't think I have you on my blog roll! (I usually just replied to your comment) so you're there now - under 'friends' because you are so friendly. Hope your cold is gone and what I wanted to say was:

    These images are so beautiful. That light. There is something really deeply spiritual - a primitive early memory of our family's home out in the American West (Utah) when my dad was getting his doctorate. we left before I was one but that light has stayed with me all my life: when I see it like this, I just feel that my father is watching over me. I can't quite explain.

    And I love your mirror. Your first home of your own! Feel good and have a lovely Sunday.