Sunday bordering on perfection

A perfect Sunday needs a visit to Starbucks (or a nice café if there isn't any Starbucks). Luckily Leipzig has two Starbucks' and I prefer the two floor shop, since you sit quite undisturbed on the top floor and can watch people and ponder things. Which I did as you can see. I had a major breakthrough Saturday night and I needed to think it through and Starbucks is perfect for this. And I got into a chat with "my" barista and he gave me another idea of where to apply, I'm not talking a Starbucks position. I LOVE Starbucks.

These haven't been all pictures, I shot oh, about 95, but who's counting. ;-)

Now you may ask why don't I consider this Sunday "perfect", there are three reasons:
  1. I missed Chris
  2. it's Annoying Week for me
  3. I don't go to work tomorrow
Hope you all enjoyed your Sundays, as much as I enjoyed mine. Have a good start in your next week (working or not).

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  1. These photos are stunning - I love the shadow the banister made with the branches, and that tree up close! You get better and better!!!