Happy Birthday and a "Schaffensrausch"

Well, since I don't have a picture of a birthday cake, I thought I'd share this picture of my happy place with you. It's a shame but I haven't been there for while. In any case this last year has been full of change for me. I moved into my first own flat (flatsharing before). I lost a lot of weight and gained quite some confidence in myself. Chris and I started our ChrisSan Photographer project. I registered my own trademark and sooo much more happened. Next year is going to be even awesome, I feel it.  I've decided to be cheeky and apply at the Museum of Modern Art in New York for example. Yes, I've finally decided to switch to the creative field. We'll see where I "end" up. Who knows maybe the MoMA, maybe with Stefan Sagmeister (a very great designer and artist that I admire) or maybe as a Visual Merchandiser or maybe San's Visual Art really takes off (me the next Picasso, *snicker*). Who knows. My Tarot is quite awesome for the next year, as you can see here:

My friend K and I layed it yesterday evening. It was soooo much fun. I really enjoyed sitting in a café in the city over a nice glass of "Federweisser", talking and laying the Tarot.

While I'm talking about developing San's Visual Art, yesterday I fell into a "Schaffensrausch"*, I drew all them yesterday morning:

A thing I learned from it: drawing needs daily practice. My, my, my. Did those two months of not practicing show off on the first few cards. Steadily drawing outside the lines. :( So from now on, I'll draw every single day. And I'll invest quite an amount of time and money on improving my skills. K will give me a gift certificate for a local artists supply. So the paper in the A2 format and a Thor transport roll are the next things I'll get for San's Visual Art, besides a good scanner. I'll also take classes, whenever I'm lucky enough that they are held and not cancelled due to not enough bookings. >:(  This happened for the third time now. 

* I like this word "Schaffensrausch".

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  1. What terrific things to shoot for! The MoMA! The Tarot readings sound like so much fun. I need to get my friend to read mine ;-)