The perfect Nusskipferl

I found in Rust, Austria. To be exact it was a homemade version of the "Winzer Café Conrad" located at the Rathausplatz in Rust in a really beautiful old house. The coffee and the wine are good too, but the Nusskipferl* is in my opinion the best they offer (beside the fantastic view and location and nice staff).

*pastry filled with nuts. In case you were wondering. Sorry forgot to mention it before.

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  1. Hello San! It was so good to hear from you and I don't know if you went back to my baby post (why would you?) but someone else commented about agreeing with your comment. I love what you wrote: about every moment in our lives being a new beginning, of infinite possibilities. I'm probably going to mention you in my next post, if I can find a way to bring that full circle.

    Speaking of which: the infinite perfection of this pastry! I found myself looking at the photos - almost meditating on them - and wondering what is inside. Is that cinnamon perhaps?

    And reading your previous post.. I'm glad you're feeling better, sorry your holiday is over, and curious what your plans are next. I guess we'll continue talking thru email, I'll tell you a bit about the book.

    Thank you & hope you have a lovely weekend! jCx