Club "Kreatives Leipzig e.V."

As I had already told you way back in November 2011 I've become a member of the club "Kreatives Leipzig e.V.". Which was founded in 2010 to support and connect the people working in Leipzigs creative industries.

So, my goal was always to be more than just a member who pays her membership fee. And I'm proud to announce, since last Wednesday:

I'm an event photographer for the club.

One of four to be exact. After all I can't cover all the events alone, now can I?! Anyway, I'm really proud on being this.

My first official assignment will be the LE FOKUS next Monday at the Distillery.

However, since there was a book discussion on Thursday concerning the clubs book about “Zustand und Zukunft krea­ti­ver Arbeit in Leip­zig – LE Klub Ana­log” I went there and took the first pictures. The post about the discussion will be published tomorrow morning, 9 AM CET. Great book by the way.

My life is truly gaining traction and I love it. Tonight I will attend my watercolor class, tomorrow I have an exceptionally full calendar first a fair in Dresden and in the evening I'll meet some creative Ladies. And Wednesday...

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