Getting to the next stage

I can already see the next stage of my career path and getting there means boring work. Which meant dilly-dallying yesterday to avoid it. However today I feel quite upbeat and fired to get to this next stage and doing things.

As you can see in the following two postcards I have made it to the next stage of ornamental art: overlapping ornaments. It took me years to get to this stage. I'm quite excited to have finally made it. Though they still need some work, I'm quite happy with my first works.

Tonight I'll meet with some photographers and I'm really excited about it.

Postcard 118/366

Postcard 113/366

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  1. Oh wow they're brilliant! I'm so envious of people to whom art comes naturally. One of my best friends doodles absent-mindedly in lessons and you would have thought she'd spent hours poring over her drawings in an art class they're that good! Very nest of luck with your future endeavours!