The "New" me

After a year with the same cut a new hairstyle was desperately needed. And I finally succeeded in finding pics of hairstyles that I liked to explain my wishes. Last year I didn't find them, so I bought Manga comics to explain (yes, I'm crazy like that) and I failed misserably. ;D

So essentially you could say it's an emo haircut with a hidden bob (for the job interviews and opera evenings) and short neck hair (I really hate it when the hair on my neck stands off due to the high collars I wear).

And here is how my new haircut looks:

Taken with Photo Booth.

I like my new haircut, now I just have to learn to do a proper eye make up. Luckily there are youtube tutorials on this. :D


  1. Oh my gosh, I love it! You look fantastic and it must be so easy :)

  2. Auch hier noch mal...sieht sehr gut aus und passt zu Dir. Und Du wirkst auch sehr zufrieden.

    Der link ist interessant. Hätt' ich ja auch mal eher drauf kommen können im Internet nach ein paar netten Frisuren zu gucken. Egal....meine Haare sind lang genug für vieles...

    Lg Chris