Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 8

Okay, I took this picture right out of bed at 8:28 AM getting ready for my swim training. Initially I already wanted to be in the water at that time, but I overslept. ;)
I got up at 8:17 put the electric kettle on, brushed my teeth and took this picture for you, still in my night shirt.

I swam for 45 minutes today and am really proud on myself to walk to the pool, swim and then eat my breakfast while walking back home. By the way the walk to the pool took 30 minutes, the walk back took 45 minutes, same route. Yep, the swim definitely took it's toll. So I'll go swimmning on Wednesday again.

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  1. Warst Du in der Kolmstraße o. in Tarostraße? 45 min sind super, danach fühlt man sich wie neu geboren...und es wird immer besser. Ja, Dein natürlicher Kopfschmuck ist wirklich zum Schmunzeln!

    Lg Chris