Empty Gothic Store - Leipzig

Well, I've got my F90 back in business, but I think the batteries are low since it's still acting weird. So tomorrow morning I'll get several battery packs for my F90 and my Dads F75 (I thought it was a F60, whoops). Just to be safe.

I've also bought some stuff for the still lifes, like belgian chocolate plates and a wooden bowl. I'm also considering to get some flowers or fresh herbs, just for the fun of it.

Now all is missing is my friend with her tripod! (She'll bring it around 9:30 PM, gotta love such friends.)

You know, I'm really excited about this photo project, I never actually planned shots. I always went out and looked for interesting stuff, I never "created" them, this is a whole new world for me. And thanks to my Digital Ixus I have a clue, if the pictures work or not and how they may come out.

More on it tomorrow. I'll post pics throughout this session, so you'll be kind of right there with me.

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