Squealing with joy - the sunlight session

What fun!!!

It started this morning with getting the cameras, tripod and films ready.

"Mmmh, I definitely need more 200 ASA Films and batteries."

Took the stuff for the still lifes out: belgian chocolate, Othello chocolate cookies, the wooden bowl, etc

Since I needed batteries and films I went to the city by streetcar and bought them and Lunch. First I wanted to get thai food but then felt more like cheese. So I got myself 3 bagels, 100g of berry cream cheese and at the supermarket I bought Rocchetta Alta Langa cheese. Pure bliss. You gotta taste it. Yummy.

On my way to and fro the city I took several pictures with my Ixus (I don't leave the house without it).

After a nap, around 4 PM I started with the set up for the session. Since the sun finally was getting to the position to get the pictures.

My first setup for the test pictures. Not happy times. Because my camera was having one error after another and I'm not used to look through an eyepiece anymore. It took me about half an hour to an hour to figure out what the problem was, switching bodies and lenses. The batteries were the culprit. Mind you the display didn't say low battery, otherwise I would have changed them earlier. This is really annoying since the "old" ones were actually "fresh". Well, I won't buy Varta again. Now I've got Duracell in it and my camera works just fine. Bloody thing.

After that I just had to get used to working with a real camera again (Ixus and Lomo are really different than a SLR) and with a tripod and arranging also first time. Hard work, nevertheless I've been squealing with joy when it worked out. At the end of this part, I was back to my old photography savvy self. Naturally I heard really good music during this first session. Natalie Cole "This will be (an everlasting love)"

Some images of the sunlight session:

Now I'll eat dinner (bagels and cheese - I'm in heaven!)and wait for the sunlight to fade fully. Then it's artificial light: lamps, flash and candles. It will be interesting.

Okay, I'm hungry and my cheese is calling my name.


  1. What are you taking these still-life photos for? Just practice?

  2. Yeah practise and finding out the differences between certain kinds of light.

    Working with my lomo, I had the impression that artificial light (fluorescent lamps) lead to a massive green shift in the picture.