Katherinenstreet - Leipzig

Brought the first three films in yesterday, we'll see how the sunlight session worked out. I didn't get around to shoot the other light versions since I was to tired. At the moment I ponder the question if I should shoot the same pictures with the other light or create different still lifes. What do you think?


  1. It depends on your goal! What do you want to achieve with shooting these three different films (presumably on different cameras)?

  2. Well, I want to see how the colours and contours change and how to use the light best. Come to think of it, it's probably best to stick with the still lifes and do some others extra.

    Shooting with the lomo should be interesting since I can only switch between 1/125 and free hand exposure. Since the rest of te room will be dark, the lomo shots will be really interesting. While with Nikon F90 I don't think that there will be such big differences.

  3. Well, you can turn on the F90 into a manual camera, I guess. When you look at light, you need to look at the quantity available, but also the quality: colour (even or not), whether it is even or directional (sources) etc. Then the choices need to be made depending on what you want to achieve (high-key, low-key, contrasted, even...) If you want to check the difference underexposure or overexposure makes, it's best to take the same picture in succession.

    There is no "best use of light" if that makes sense, only "use of light available depending on the result you want to obtain". With the same light, you can get very different results, even though you can't get all results with every light...


  4. beautiful and more beautiful as always, every time i look at your blog, i get such nostalgia and sentiments for all things abroad... sigh...



  5. "At the moment I ponder the question if I should shoot the same pictures with the other light or create different still lifes."

    I did a course of studio photography and at first I thought it would be useless. Shifting around a few 400W flashlights won't change a thing, right? WRONG. Of course the situation is different when we're out in the street with no control over the light source, but studio work can give you a good idea of how much lighting can do for your photographs. And a little experimentation never hurts.

    I'd say go for it.