Reading the paper - some other stuff

This whole photo blog thing cracks me up. The picture in the last post was an accident, it wasn't supposed to be this dark. When I got it back from the development my first thought was: "Oh shoot, where is the light?" It certainly wasn't that dark in the store. And now you my dear readers like it, this is so funny, amazing and interesting. I learn a lot from you. Thank you.

What are your plans for the weekend? I'll shoot. To be exact, I want to start a new project (new shop windows will come up soon, don't you be worried, I'll scan away on the weekend!). I will work with different lights (candles, daylight, flash, lamps) shooting objects and still lifes. I even lend a tripod from a friend and bought dark green velvet. For that series I'll probably use my Nikon F90 or my fathers F60 depending if I get mine to work. Mine seems to drain the batteries way to fast. Might be just the contacts that need a good cleaning. I hope so, otherwise I'll be in trouble. :-( I've got an exa 1a, but I hate that camera because I never seem to get the focus right. Darned thing.

In any case I've got my cross developed film back and what I've got now are 36 vintage pictures
and 36 slides.
There is just one small problem, I don't have a slide projector. Whoops, hahaha... I won't cross develop a film again, since it's way to expensive. All in all I've paid 20€ for this test and while it's funny to do it one time, I won't do it again. I'll scan these pics and 2 other films this weekend and then you get fresh pics next week. (That is if everything goes as I like.)

And then there is this book that I bought.

Today I found Clarence Sinclair Bull a photographer of old Hollywood Stars from MGM in a second hand bookshop, they also had a book on Marilyn Monroe which I have to have, but I will wait until May to buy it. The portraits of those stars are simply amazing, Clark Gable (sigh), Katherine Hepburn and Greta Garbo to only name a few. I'm in love with this book. I took some fast pictures with my Ixus for you, I will scan some of those pics of the book when I scan the films this weekend.


  1. I used to do a lot more photography in the days when film was king. I have always been partial to very wide angle fisheye and lenses. Does anyone still develop film? :)
    I am so glad seeing there are people out there who are still doing it traditional way.

  2. What a beautiful book! I bought a book of old Hollywood photos when I was at school for design and using an old Pentax K1000. These photos from the past are so inspirational considering the lack of crazy new tech and equipment.