On the Snake trip - Coolest Rubberboots ever

So since PD is on her Leopard Trip, I have to show you my brand new rubberboots with snake print. Normally I don't like snakeskin printed and much worse real snake skin. (I hate snakes, they give me the creeps.) But those rubberboots called my name. And we definitely have the weather to wear them. It rained non stop since Saturday and I've had wet feet more than once, so I've decided today to get rubberboots.

Not that easy to find rubberboots in Leipzig, there was just one shoestore which had several designs for adults in stock and incidentely there was just one pair in my size left (from all the designs). A fluke that I got those lovelies. Somehow rubberboots are kids shoes in Germany. They had really cool biker boots in Edinburgh two years ago, should have bought them then.

My mom hates those boots and she seriously thinks I couldn't wear them at work! LoL Makes me like them even more and I'll definitely wear them, when it's raining threads.

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