Wustrow - Bodden side

I've been to the Open Day of the Old Spinnery. Lot's of galleries with new artists. Except for one photograph I wouldn't buy any of this stuff.

To get back to the F/Stop. Well, I think Saranna is right, they looked for the subject matter.

Nevertheless, subject matter does NOT stand in an EITHER OR relationship to craftsmanship. This is 2010 you get good cameras for a reasonable price (you can lend one from a friend), there are video tutorials, books, workshops, photoblogs and so on. Photography is nothing new and you can learn the basics in no time. Unfortunately a lot of those pictures with subject matter looked like the artist was using a camera for the first time.

Photography, to me, means playing with light. Most of those artists don't know how to play.

Well, this is my opinion of those pictures. You don't have to like or appreciate it. There are probably a lot of you who would like them and that's fine.

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