Leipzig at Night series - Messehof Passage - Multiple Exposure

Those pics are long and some of them multiple exposures (3, 4 and 5). I steadied the camera at the column and shot straight up, always pressing the release for more than a second (don't know how long since I went on my inner clock). The light color changes over time, that's why I did the multiples to see how they come out. Pretty funny I think.

I love photographic experiments like this. Makes me feel like a real photographer.

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  1. There's a student in one of my art classes who always says "Art is child's play" and I think this is exactly what she means. Not being afraid to try stuff out and not being too serious. These look a little like pinhole photography, where the B&W paper start to get color after months and months of exposure. I especially like the last four, because they've got this pop art-vibe and they look cohesive because of the composition is quite the same in each of them. Well done!