Nightscenes - The lonely window in the dark

Ahh, I really like night pictures.

At the moment I'm planning my new application picture. I never really planned my application pictures that far in advance. It was more like: "Oh, I need one, let's get an appointment at the photographer." And that was after University, before that I just went to a random photographer and let them take a picture. Ugh, you wouldn't believe with what kind of horrible pictures I applied.
Throughout the last year I have changed a LOT. While I did plan at least my outfit last year and left the rest to the photographer, I plan not only my outfit this year but also the whole picture in detail. I still need some accessories (bow tie and pearl earrings) and the appointments. Yes, plural since I will have my make-up done for this picture. Close up portrait without good make-up is a baaad idea.

A friend of mine said that I never get an engineering job with this kind of picture, too creative. Well, since interviewers told me I'm too creative even with a conservative pic and clothes, I couldn't care less.

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