Playing with Dunes

I've been to the Nuit Blanches Photographies yesterday which are pre-events to the F/Stop International Photography Festival in Leipzig. While the event was really cool, music and a photography projection between the stilts of a restaurant next to the Karl-Heine-Channel, I was surprised about the kind of pictures shown. Maybe I have become a snob concerning photography due to my own photography and all of the lovely photo blogs out there. But a lot of those pictures were average and plain boring. Most of them were with objects in the center. Quite a few had only the goal to repel you, it seemed. Almost all of them used cold (flash) light.

There was just one series that played with exposure time (long exposure, really cool stuff). Just one picture with double exposure (which was really good). And two portrait series with fantastic lighting and different picture compositions. Oh and one really nice series with flower still lifes. Except for that...

I'll definitely send in some of my lomographies next year. There is a good chance I make the cut.

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  1. I was originally going to post that I LOVE THAT FIRST PHOTO, but now also: Maybe the reviewers of this F-stop-thing were more interested in subject matter and approach rather than composition?