Almost Stock Photography

Don't you think? I really like this picture, it says sooo much depending on your very mood. I took it at the Darss, on the way to the High Dune near the Pramort. Ah, how I wish to go there now. Instead I'm going to Chemnitz to an art exhibition with my parents. Since the weather is nice, I'll take my lomo with me. Tomorrow is Pampering Sunday for me, meaning lots of home spa treatments followed by amazing coffee and pondering time at my local Coffee Culture. Which is less expensive and makes a much better caffe latte then Starbucks. Plus you get to collect stamps which leads to the free 13th coffee or food item. Beat that Starbucks. Okay, it isn't that cozy as Starbucks and they don't have free internet access, however after the first coffee it starts to grow on you. One word of advice though, their hot chocolate has a weird taste so there is another point for Starbucks.

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  1. Really nice perspective, great composition.