Hawaii again

next year? This would be quite some fun, but it's not in my goals. My main goal for next year is independence and this doesn't add up with another Hawaii vacation next year. Sadly. *sigh*

But I've made some major steps towards independence and a brilliant 2012. Yesterday I finally got rid of the big paper boxes in my cellar, that had been waiting for this happening for about a year. I also threw the trash books into the paper trash container. And I've ordered my HP laser printer. Which is a major step towards independence for me. I've also got my new water kettle, but this is a story for another post. And through getting rid of some of this stuff I've also lost a wee bit of unnecessary bodyfat. I'm constantly under 59 kg now! Wohoo. Next is the 58 kg. But no more weighing for at least one week, don't want to get too obsessive. XD

I've also send out 7 postcrossing cards this week, which is above my normal weekly limit of 4 (budget restriction). However for December I've given my communication budget a few extra euros, because it is so much fun to send out smiles and holiday / new year greetings. Next year is the chinese year of the dragon, which means good luck and since dragons are my favorite magical creatures I think this means we have an awesome year ahead of us.

So, how are your preparations for 2012 coming along?

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  1. I've never been to Hawaii but would love to, especially to the smallest and less touristic islands.

    P.S. I've just said I loved the image you have chosen to talk about 2012, nothing else. :-)