Why 2012 will be an awesome year and NOT the end of the world

Ranking years I'd say 2008 was a definite 7 (with 10 being AWESOME). It was the year I've been to Venice (job), Edinburgh (marathon vacation, but no marathon due to lack of training after the halfmarathon in April 2008), Paris (job), Besancon (job) and San Francisco and Hawaii (Marathon vacation, again without the marathon). What an amazing year. After that everything went downhill till January 2011.

Next year is going to be awesome because we will make it so. Don't listen to the proclaimers of the end of the world. Their song is getting old and boring. How often have they proclaimed the end.

And look we are still here!!

Yes, we face severe problems, however we are working on their solutions. People don't give up so easily anymore, instead we fight together for the ideas and the stuff that is important to us. Don't believe me? Just look at this past year: the Arab Spring, the help and prayers for Japan, Occupy Wall Street and then the politicians and diplomats working in Durban between the cleaners after the official end of the conference to accomplish a treaty, and all the amazing stuff people do in their very own communities, but that doesn't get recognized by the big media.
And besides what do you prefer to be looking at the end of the world or an amazing year ahead of you? Well, there is no question what I'm prefering and it's a fantastic new year filled to the brim with beauty, fun and exitment, chances and challenges. Remember what the ninth Doctor in Doctor Who Series 1.2 "The End of the World" said? "You lob. You spend all your time thinking about dieing. (..) But you never take time to imagine the impossible, that maybe you survive."

Tell you what, I'd rather put my energy, imagination and thoughts towards surviving than to the end of the world that some stupid bloke decided would happen next year on a randomly chosen date. One can only predict the future when you create it and I will create my none other than amazing future. To all of the end of the world proclaimers and believers I have just one thing to say:

Piss off.

Nope not screaming at them, because that would be wasted energy, energy that I can use better for my amazing here and now and future.

Do you join me in creating a fantastic new year?

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