Preparing for 2012 - in a good way!

How was the year 2011 for you? Did you like it? Was it a good or less good year for you?
If I had to rate 2011 for me I'd say it ranged somewhere between 2.5 and 3, on a scale from 0 to 10 with 10 being AWESOME! 2010 was a 1. So there is plenty of room for improvement and I certainly plan to make 2012 a fantastic year. And to get a headstart I'm already preparing for the amazing things that will happen and that I will make happen. ;-) So you might ask what it is I'm currently doing. Let me tell you:

1. As I've already told you before, I've drawn up a budget. I use it even for this month already and it comes along nicely.

2. I've set goals for 2012 and have written them down. All of them are measurable, some are easy to reach, others need perseverance, patience and a pinch of good luck too. Setting goals is another first to me.

3. I'm getting rid of clutter. This has been an ongoing battle for the last three years. I've gotten rid of tons of clothes, shoes, books, video and music tapes, and unnecessary stuff in general. However I still haven't reached the clutterfree state that I want to achieve. So I started with sorting out on Sunday, again. Since I couldn't do my usual Sunday thing due to my ill health, I've used the time to sorting out receipts, postcards, boxes and books.
I've sorted out 80 (in words EIGHTY) books. And that is, even though I had given away a ton of books in 2010 before I moved into my own flat. And you know what is really freaking me out?! I still have at least the same amount left if not even more! Some of the books weren't fit for giving them away, so they went into the paper trash straight away. Most of the others I'll give to the public library and the rest I'll sell or they follow the others to the trash can too. (Whatever it takes to get rid of them before the 31. December of 2011!!!)
I'll also get rid of my old tape deck. I don't own any tapes any more and haven't used the deck in at least 6 years!

The funny thing about the getting rid of clutter is I really have to kick myself to get started (or re-read "Colin Cowie Chic" or "Clear your clutter with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston {Blog: http://www.spaceclearing.com/html/blog/}, then I'm suddenly in the right mood), but as soon as I have started I get so much into it I almost can't stop.
Sunday I stopped for two reasons only a) I was exhausted (darned cold) and b) the paper trash can was full. ;-) I truly wish I could've also brought the tapedeck to the recycling center, but they are closed on Sundays and I need a 2011 bulky waste token to bring it in.

So, how do you prepare for the new year? Like to share your ideas and traditions?

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  1. What a cheerful photo you've chosen to talk about the year to come. Awesome!