The BIG NEWS revealed:

Entrance to the Karlsruhe Zoo (No, this is not my new work place!)

As you might have realized this blog has been relatively quiet. However I have a very, very, very good reason for it:

I will move to Karlsruhe at the end of June, because on July 2nd I will start in my new job, which is THE job at THE organization. Naturally I'm really excited about this opportunity, this change.

So right now I'm quite busy with wrapping up projects here in Leipzig and preparing for the move. I still have to find a room for the first three months, but I don't consider it a challenge since the summer holidays come up and a lot of the students will sublet their rooms.

Karlsruhe is a beautiful city in my opinion and has a good size. Throughout the last three years I've visited a lot of german cities and most of them I found pretty ugly and I wouldn't want to work or live there, like the Ruhrpott (Yes, it's more than one city, I know that.) or Berlin.

My personal Top 5 of german cities worth living in:

1. Stralsund
2. Leipzig
3. Dresden
4. Potsdam
5. Karlsruhe

Anyway, I've got a busy afternoon ahead of me.

Have a great new week everyone.

PS: I'll put up some postcard sets on my DaWanda-Shop. Since I'm drowning in postcards due to the non-sales-market, ahh, I mean market research market. ;-) Somehow I always knew that markets aren't the right place to sell my art. But one has to try out different things, doesn't one?


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!! So happy for you!

  2. Congratulations, San! May this move be even more than you expect it to be! It must be so exciting to be embarking on a new adventure in life.

    Oh, and am listening to the Saint Saëns Egyptian concerto as you suggested. It's beautiful. I don't know much of his music beyond his "Carnival of the Animals". But so many of the animal pieces are truly memorable, and cannot be disentangled in my mind from the animals themselves! -- J xx