Filling it with sunshine

Well sunshine is something that Leipzig's inhabitants could use today, instead it is pouring down. Not the best weather for the International Children's Day and the little street festival planned for this afternoon on Leipzig's Kö(nneritzstreet). 
A street festival for which I have created postcards and planned a market stall. It is supposed to be my first market, the way it currently looks I can forget about it, since I don't have a gazebo. 20 € down metaphorically down the drain. On the other hand, the weather could still change a lot in the next 5 hours. (And my Tarot said so. ;-) Whatever. 

Enjoy your Friday and then the weekend and June. 

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  1. Oh no I hope the weather cleared up and the market went ahead, I would love to see pics of the day:)) big hugs to you San xxx