Wedding hairdo

So this Saturday my best friend A married S. I was there as a friend and their event photographer. The formal wedding pictures were taken by the lady photographer, who also did my portrait shooting, she's great.

Anyway, a June wedding called for a dress with a hat or a fascinator. Since I couldn't find a nice sunhat which left me abled to shoot at the same time while wearing it (I need to see and don't want the rim of my hat on every picture, now do I?), I looked for a fascinator and luckily I found the perfect Alice band. It looks fabulous, but isn't exactly comfy, I had to take it off halfway through the evening.

The wedding party was fabulous and the shooting went quite well. I've had tons of fun using the Canon Rebel 450D. While before I only wanted it because of it's name, now I know for certain that it is the right camera for me. It has the right weight, it is beautifully balanced and just all around fun to shoot with. All in all I took about 600 pictures in 9 hours of celebrating the wedding of A+S. So, the next two weeks I will plough through the pictures, throw out the trash, cut the rest and then create one or more slideshows for my friends.

Another thing I learned was that it is a BAD idea to wear heels when one has to shoot a whole wedding party. My feet hurt so much on Sunday that I drove my bike 7 km to my coffee shop to eat breakfast there, instead of making an omelette at home! Yeah, such are the sacrifices of a photographer friend. (I know now, why a good wedding photographer costs so much. It's darn hard work.)

Oh and the helium voice is truly hilarious. Yes we had balloons so I had to try it. ;-)

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  1. COngratulations to the newly wedded couple! And what a treat to have done the photography for them. I'm sure it makes the event all the more meaningful for both sides. We had my brother take photos at our small wedding. He's an artist, photographer, now film-maker. And I still soooo love the photos he took, so much better than an unknown hired hand.

    Love the red fascinator! And on your point about heels, I always wear fancy heels to weddings but often, halfway through the evening, I wonder if I should have gone barefoot instead. And I'm just a guest too! -- J xx