The Beauty of Leipzig - Day 6

Still at the old industry complex at the Karl-Heine-Street. Bear with me, there will be a few more Leipzig Days since I really took a lot of pics (around 90) last Sunday (not yesterday.)

I especially like the third pic. I was worried that it wouldn't come out the way I wanted it, since I took it with my IXUS and this camera is, as good as it is, fairly limited.

When I look at the first pic I get this "twisted" feeling, like a small vertigo, I like it.

And the fifth pic. I know they simply do it, to make sure it doesn't get stolen, but I still have to smile every time I see this.


  1. Nice perspectives in these, especially the first and third shot! Nicely done.

  2. I actually think the 2nd picture is the strongest, if we're pulling your series into pieces again :D I like the curvature and the crack and also how the light hits the big E. I think it's also the most well composed out of these shots(not that the others are bad, but the 2nd shot just jumped out for me).