Ramen at the UMAII

Miso-Ramen with fresh Salmon (The best fish I ever ate! Because it's really soft and juicy, since the uncooked sliced salmon slivers are just put into the hot broth and then refine while served and eating. *Very Happy Sigh*)

Tamago-Ramen (I like the Tamago but the broth of this Ramen isn't exactly my cup of tea. ;-)

UMAII is a japanese Ramen Bar in Leipzig. They are fantastic. I love to eat there. BFF loves it too.
I went there with two other friends on Friday and they didn't like it. The interior is too stylish (read cold) for them and the food too japanese (Algae is obviously a no go for them. Well, if I should move to Japan and they come to visit, this could be a problem for them, I on the other hand would be perfectly fine.), one of them ate Thyme-potatoes at another bar right afterwards and then felt stuffed, poor girl. No wonder if you ask me.

I like the Japanese (Okinawan) culture of Hara Hachi Bu = Eat only until you are 80% full, though I'm still struggling to get it ingrained, but I'm getting better day by day. At UMAII this isn't a problem however, since the portions are perfect for this 80% approach. Japan watch out here I come! ;-D


  1. Just ate lunch but these photos are making me hungry again!!

  2. Lol, I try to eat until I'm 80% full... I don't always succeed though. This looks really good, I love noodles!!!