The last pics without watermark

I finally got around to buy a book on how to use GIMP and will read and test it out this weekend, when I'm not preparing for an interview or am out shooting with Chris.

So these are my last pictures without copyright watermarks. Again from the botanical garden.

Oh yes, in my favourite photography shop in Leipzig, Fotohaus Borschel, they are looking for a photographer apprentice. Even though I've already got two occupational degrees (Engineer and Business Assistent) I was slightly tempted to ask if they would consider someone my age. Ahem.
Well I was there for another reason, they sell second hand cameras and lenses. I've got an old exa 1a, but I always had trouble with the focus, somehow my pics were always out of focus, which drove me mad and lead to about 9 nearly photography free years. And yes, right after school I tried to get an apprenticeship with a photographer!!
So, to make the long story short, he might be abled to help me. I will bring in my exa 1a tomorrow and he'll have a look at it. Which is good since I've got all kinds of stuff for this camera and couldn't use it. I've got 2 different view finders (prism and slot), 3 lenses (wide, 50mm and a tele), a trick lense, a flash, a cable remote... (In case you wonder, it was the old camera of my Dad, so it came with some of this stuff!)
As you can see my stuff for the 1a is way better than what I've got for my Nikon F90, for it I only have the one lense, that's it. And the lense isn't exactly good.

Have a nice Friday night and give your camera an outing this weekend, it'll love it.

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  1. I would definitely apply for the apprenticeship if I were you. Chances are they're looking for the most motivated and qualified person for the job.

    I think I'll also take your advice on giving my camera an outing. Haven't done that in a while, haha.