Bridge "Zen" for the Photodiarist

Okay, so I scanned and cut 2 films, that I had shot and developed back in April, today. Having so many "new" photos to share I couldn't wait till tomorrow.

Since PD needs Zen feeling right now (http://photodiarist.typepad.com/thephotodiarist/2010/08/hudson-river-zen.html) I thought I publish these two. This was in Leipzigs Botanical Garden. I like them both because the colours are so extreme, but no alteration with Gimp or iPhoto!! I just love my Lomo, somehow the colors are always magical. It's pure fun!


  1. The colors in these are really vibrant, San. Really nice compositions. I even like your shadow on the first. Gives a little "life" to the photograph.

  2. Haha, the shadow was the one thing that drove me crazy while taking this picture. There was absolutely no way to take the pic without it. ;-)

    Thanks for the likes. Yep, the colors are pretty cool. Somehow I only get those colors only with the Lomo, don't know why.

  3. I really, really like the first one. It's so vibrant and colorful and the composition is pleasing, too.