Mountains in the city

Don't know about you, but those pics make me feel like I hike up a mountain. But it's still Leipzigs Botanical Garden.

Hope all of you had a nice weekend. I took some time off from the net, I switched off my Mac Saturday morning after I put up this weekends posts. Which felt weird since I lived online for the last few months. But I used the time off well, I read in books and magazines, I watched and listened to a thunderstorm, I thought about my goals in life, I pampered myself with some nice cosmetic treatments at home, I enjoyed some windowshopping on Sunday afternoon.

It was so nice, that from now on I will have one OFFLINE DAY a week.

Have a good start in the new week.


  1. Gorgeous photographs. And yes - it is good to switch off every now and again!

  2. The sky is really insanely blue in the first, love it. Haven't seen a clear blue sky like that here in a while. And I almost never post in the weekends, because I just need the time to do other stuff and as I'm working 40 hours in a week mostly behind my pc I realy need the time off from my laptop. Have a great week, San. Hope alle is going well for you